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Picture of Paper Airplane

My brother enjoys making paper airplanes, and this was one of his favorite airplane designs that he made. He asked me to make an instructable on it for him and this was what ended up being made. So all credit for this goes to him, he just can't make his own account due to age.

Step 1: Gather Your Paper.

Picture of Gather Your Paper.

You will need 3 letter-sized pieces of paper and a pair of scissors.

salilpat5428 made it!2 months ago
It failed epically.
tyoung3910 months ago
What is the name of this triple combined paper airplane plane because I do like making all kinds of stuff like this and I was thinking I could make it to then post it to my mom, brother and the rest of my family
ProfessorPi (author)  tyoung3910 months ago

I have no specific name. My brother created this, and he rarely names his creations. But you could definitly ttry making and posting!