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Picture of Paper Airplane Slingshot

If you are a paper airplane fanatic like me, you need an instrument that will catapult your plane across the room with only the slightest movement of your fingers. This 'ible will teach you how to make a slingshot for your paper airplane in only a few minutes.

For this Instructable, you need
• a piece of paper
• a paperclip
• a piece of cardboard about 1" by 5"
• a rubber band

Step 1: Making the Airplane

Picture of Making the Airplane

Before you make the slingshot, you need to make the airplane. The slingshot works well with a sleek and fast shape, which you can find at this Instructable. This kind is ideal for the slingshot, but not necessary.

(Just a hat tip to GorillazMiko for his awesome Instructable that I used above. You are awesome.)

What a great idea! You can count on my vote :)
offseidjr (author)  GeekCrafterGirlz4321 year ago


JakeC95 made it!1 year ago

I made one at school its so cool I will make one at home

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offseidjr (author)  JakeC951 year ago

Glad you like it!

jross2111 year ago

So fun

offseidjr (author)  jross2111 year ago
Thanks! I had fun with it too!
offseid2 years ago

Nice one! Cheap and easy. :)

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awesomered2 years ago

so good

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