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Picture of Paper Fantasy Wolf Sculpture

I love wolves. I have wanted to make a sculpture of one for a while now.

Here's how i made a fantasy wolf sculpture with cardboard and paper mache and just regular paper. Enjoy :P

You Will Need:

  • Cardboard for the frame
  • PVA glue for the paper mache
  • Glue stick
  • Printer paper
  • White paint
  • Masking Tape

Step 1: Cardboard Frame

Picture of Cardboard Frame

I made a cardboard frame to make the whole sculpture more sturdy. I used a reference photo to get the rough shape of the body. But it doesn't need to be too accurate.

Sianead6 months ago
This caught my eye immediately, the fur is done so well:) Winter is coming:P
ArgentAnimations (author)  Sianead6 months ago
Thanks :P
ArgentAnimations (author) 6 months ago
You could try painting it but you are probably better off using coloured paper. If the paint you use is thick you could end up sticking down the texture fur.
Hope that answers your question :P
ArgentAnimations (author) 6 months ago
Thanks :P
ArgentAnimations (author)  Creative Mom CZ6 months ago
djarulakis6 months ago
muyy bueno, me parece que me hago uno de los lobos de game of thrones :)
ArgentAnimations (author)  djarulakis6 months ago
Gracias :P
Eh Lie Us!6 months ago
Good night. That's beautiful. Go BIG!!! Make one as big as a car! that's so freaking cool.
ArgentAnimations (author)  Eh Lie Us!6 months ago
Thanks and maybe one day i will make a big one :P
jmadara6 months ago
This would be a great project for the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones!
ArgentAnimations (author)  jmadara6 months ago
Thanks :P
LisaFlor6 months ago
I love this! It takes paper mache to an entire new lever for me that I never imagined. Can't wait to try this out myself. Any ideas for how to do something similar for reptiles?
ArgentAnimations (author)  LisaFlor6 months ago
Thanks :p If i was doing reptiles i would make the body in a similar way i did the wolf and i would make the scales into a diamond shape and stick each scale down entirely (where as on the wolf i left one edge unstuck to simiulate fur). But that might only be good for snakes. I would look closely at your reference photos and the shapes on the reptile and try to replicate them as best. Lots of reptiles have different shapes around their eyes and head so keep that in mind. If in doubt experiment. Try layering some different shapes together until you get your desired look before going straight onto your final project.
Hope that helps :P
jcnes136 months ago
I love this, it's fabulous!
ArgentAnimations (author)  jcnes136 months ago
Thanks :p
JB Itzel6 months ago
This is really creative thank you the idea
ArgentAnimations (author)  JB Itzel6 months ago
Thanks :P
AnandM546 months ago
Cool creation .... If u add it's eyes it looks pretty...
ArgentAnimations (author)  AnandM546 months ago
Thanks for the tip :P
jessyratfink6 months ago
Dang - the fur is fantastic!
ArgentAnimations (author)  jessyratfink6 months ago
Thanks :P
seamster6 months ago
Super impressive! The fur alone just looks like a ton of work. I appreciate the skill and effort involved to make this, and love the results!!
ArgentAnimations (author)  seamster6 months ago
Thanks the fur took a long time but well worth it :P