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Picture of Paper Gun!
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This is a paper gun, made from only paper folding! I was taught this when I was a little kid by a family friend, and from a basic web search, have never found this method online. So in this age where everything is electronically documented, let us follow the masses and bring this method to the world!

DISCLAIMER: Describing paper folding techniques is much more difficult than I could ever have imagined! I'm dreadfully sorry if my instructions aren't too clear. Hopefully, following the pictures will help you along. Best of luck, and godspeed!

Step 1: Paper!

Picture of Paper!
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Total: 5 sheets

Cut into:

  • 3 hamburger style halves
  • 14 quarters

The quarters will make up the handle, so you can add some more or take some away, depending on your hand size. Custom gun handles, what? Fun stuff!

imakealot2 years ago

Oh god sorry for spamming... I didnt know what i was doing :P

omg it's so hard to make

SirDaftBunny made it!3 years ago
I didn't think it was going to take as long as it did to build! I spent about an hour and a half on that thing. Although I did add a little trigger guard and glued the whole assembly together. Really nice though!
bcurtis75 years ago

I made it and added a clip if you wanna know how to ask me

how to make please write with pictures

AmadorF4 years ago

Thanks for this! I've made a couple for my nephew and niece. The instructions were a little tough to read, but the pictures made it easier.

cool but i couldnt understand the instructions

papergeek4 years ago

s,cool I am a big paper gun fan I love making and playing with them in my backyard with my brother

mrigaank 24 years ago

I could not understand how to make the body

This instructable is going to help me a lot! I was just wondering if you can figure these origami Jetfire transformer instructions out? Lord knows I can't.
Aw man, I'm definitely no origami veteran. If I ever get it, I'll definitely let you know haha
Thanks! You seem to be in the same category as me, you are really good at origami and crafts yet you have a hard time understanding instructions. Although, your instructions about this paper gun has helped me a lot for the last few minutes, take a look at the gun I just made! (note: I made it just like yours and then I cut out a trigger and added the, oh what is it called, the thing that spins the bullet chamber, I'm not very good with knowing what the parts of a gun are called. And I also had to use some tape). Hope you like it! I'm planning to use a sharpie to color it somewhat.

Woah! Looks awesome!


Pan Zijin5 years ago

Er... can you make a video?I'm really confuses when I printed these out!

knexbug5 years ago

i agree

imakealot5 years ago
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Are you confused or something and can't understand these instructions irulelikecheeze? Or do you just like ray guns better than normal, gunpowder pistols. I was just wondering because, as far as I'm concerned, this is probably the easiest, yet coolest origami gun I have ever seen on the internet!

No offense, Mr. Ruling cheese guy


oh man.. 4 years and look at me now :)

briandamge (author)  imakealot5 years ago


I could not have done it without your instructable!
Maybe you can do an instructable on how to make a paper holster for this gun! Maybe one that has a loop so that in can be put on a belt or something.
Maybe you can make an instructable about it.