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Picture of Paracord Gecko/ Lizard
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In this instructible I will be showing you how to make a paracord and nut gecko I saw on youtube. For this instructible you will need 38 inches of paracord and 46 1/2 nuts. Note I will be using different colors of paracord so it will be easier to explain.

Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
First find the middle part of your string and put a nut where the middle part is.
dheidrich made it!4 years ago

I am alive!!!

Hello! i was wondering what kind of cord you used and the size of your bolts!? Thank you!

I love it I tried it out and my brother and sister want one too I made my whole family one. I got all the bolts from taking apart my Radio control cars I love it!

nunopcardoso made it!4 years ago

Got myself a new keychain :D

PowellMade4 years ago

No wonder there was no nuts at the hardware store!!

Nice work looks good!!

to funny my husband works at a hardware store he will be getting tired of bringing home hex nuts Lol

coptician4 years ago

My son lives out of state and raises high dollar hybrid geckos as a side business. I'm gonna make one of these for him this weekend. Thanks!

Puffpuffbam (author) 4 years ago
SphereX4 years ago

Nice piece! Very clever design.

Mr AbAk4 years ago

Nice Ible....

Puffpuffbam (author) 4 years ago
No prob, looks good!
LiamB4 made it!4 years ago
Thanks!! :D
Puffpuffbam (author) 4 years ago
Nice job TheFer
TheFer made it!4 years ago
I Just made it in about 10mins, i had all the stuff laying around ( working in a hardware store has it's benefits ;-) )
jmwells4 years ago
Nice piece. It's a toy, charm, and if needed a weapon.
Puffpuffbam (author) 4 years ago
Thank you for your votes