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Picture of Personalised Soundwaves Earring Organiser

Hi Instructables, here's how I made a personalised earring organiser for my wife's dresser, in the form of soundwaves generated from my own voice.

A couple of years ago, I 3D printed my wife some whimsical cloud earring racks for her birthday.

Well since then, her earring collection has grown, and those cloud-racks were over-crowded. So for Valentine's Day this year, I decided to make her a series of Earring Racks based on recordings of me saying lovely things to her. The notches in soundwave shapes make excellent places to hang earrings and necklaces.

Follow the steps below to make your own, or you can use my templates too if you don't mind me whispering sweet nothings to you too!

Step 1: Voice Recordings to DXF

Picture of Voice Recordings to DXF
Waveformer Screenshot.jpg
File converter screenshot.jpg

This step is fun... or weird, depending on how self conscious you are about listening to your own voice.

Just open your recorder app on your phone and say some lovely things about your partner. Or you could say horrible things too and they'd be none the wiser...

I then converted these recordings to soundwave shapes using this website:

And then converted those .svg files to .dxf files for laser cutting using another online tool.

Again, use these websites at your own risk. Who knows how many people have access to me whispering lovey dovey phrases to them now!

A laser engraver makes things so much easier. With a scroll saw, that cut would take forever to finish.
The use of real audio waveforms is a clever idea!
ucn (author)  Astuces de Trente Secondes-5 months ago
It really is very useful for small projects. In fact, the wardrobe panelling was made of such soft wood that I could have installed this with just a handheld screwdriver without even a drill to make holes.

jessyratfink5 months ago
That looks fantastic!
ucn (author)  jessyratfink5 months ago
Thanks! Glad you like it.