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Hello and welcome.

In this project i am going to make a resin and pinecone box. I will show you how i cast the blank and turned it on my lathe. If you like a video has been placed in the instructable that shows the process.


Items used for instructable


Jacobs chuck

4 jaw chuck

Jumbo flat jaw set

Amazing casting resin

Alcohol ink


plastic container or container to cast the blank

gloves, stir sticks

Pressure pot to de gas resin

micro mesh pads 1500 / 12000

Step 1: Making the Resin Blank

1) I used a plastic cup as the resin does not stick to this.

2) I dried the pinecones in an oven overnight and placed them in the plastic container using masking tape over the top to stop the pinecones floating.

3) I used amazing clear cast resin and mixed enough to cover the pinecones.

4) I then used alcohol dye to colour the resin, using several drops to get to the colour i required

5) I then placed this in a pressure pot overnight to make sure the resin had no bubbles and time for the resin to cure.

Leave for around a week to fully cure before turning.

Gorgeous!!! <3

Gorgeous!!! <3

Cool! I like that you dyed the resin a bit too, gives it a little more natural feel to it :)

Thank you Penolopy :-)

RayP241 year ago


Highlandboxes. (author)  RayP241 year ago

Thank you :-)