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Picture of Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack Sparrow's Compass

A friend was going to be Jack Sparrow for Halloween this year and what's a Jack Sparrow costume without his Compass to point him in the direction of what his heart most desires?! After doing a little research on the internet, I decided to make a replica. All of the materials used were bought at Michaels or AC Moore, so it's a very economical replica (particularly if you use the weekly store coupons!).

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Here are the materials/equipment used to make the compass. Feel free to be creative in how to complete a step if you have better equipment than I had.

Equipment/tools I used:

  • Hand saw
  • Dremmel tool
  • Sanding paper/block


  • Unfinished coaster set (bought mine from Michaels but can be found in other craft stores)
  • Paper mache ornament ball (also from Michaels)
  • Thin wood shape (bought an Artminds house-shape silhouette from Michaels)
  • Small wooden ball (I couldn't find one of the right size so ended up buying a bag of wooden mini-peg people so I could use one of the heads)
  • Small hinge and clasp (found the right type/size in AC Moore)
  • Super glue (was using this for another prop, where I needed a stronger bond, so used it here as well. Thinking regular glue will work also.)
  • Small hook screw
  • Leather cord
  • Paint: black, ivory/bone, dark blue, gold
  • Pearlizing medium (optional)
  • Small piece of poster board
  • Modge Podge
  • Paint brushes
  • Movie reference pictures
NicolòR610 months ago

Wow. Does the sundial work?

JavierG45 (author)  NicolòR610 months ago

I was focusing on making something very affordable, so the above only points to what your heart most desires.... ;) But with some re-designing, I think you can make one that works.


JavierG45 (author)  laith mohamed1 year ago

Thanks! :)

KAZ 2Y51 year ago

Epic! I went as Jack for Halloween 2 years ago and have been looking for a compass tutorial. This was a fantastic tutorial, well explained. Great work!

JavierG45 (author)  KAZ 2Y51 year ago

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. :)

seamster1 year ago

Very nice, I like the way this turned out.

You mentioned a reference link in step 2, but it's missing, just fyi! ;)

JavierG45 (author)  seamster1 year ago

Glad you liked it. Thanks for letting me know that the link was not set up. I fixed this so should appear now.