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Picture of PixelWall

Do you know the Pixel-Table project? I had the idea to realize such a pixel thing, but not as a table, instead to put it on the wall.

So that I can lying on the couch and play some games on it while relaxing. :)

Implemented games are:

  • Tetris
  • Space Invaders
  • Snake
  • Pixel Draw

additional functions are:

  • Show current time
  • Show color animations

The PixelWall has an ESP8266 so it can connect to my home-WLAN. But it is also possible to use the PixelWall as an access point and connect directly to it.

To make it easy to use my PixelWall, the wall delivers a Website for control after connecting. All Apps are controllable/playable via the webpage. So it is not neccessary to install any software for usage.

Additionally there is a NES controller which makes it easier to play the games.

Open source

All software and mechanical drawings I putted on github:
Feel free to use it for your own project.

Step 1: Starting With The Electronic

Picture of Starting With The Electronic

From another project there is an existing PCB with WS2812 LEDs. The PCB has 3 rows with 12 LEDs each row.

I decided to use this PCB 6 times. So I get a 12x18 LED matrix.

First step was it to solder all the 216 LEDs, around 100 capacitors and an ESP8266.

The manually soldering needed about 10 hours.

After a first quick test it figured out: everything is working.

So we can go to the mechanic part.

kfrancisOSS4 months ago
This is a very creative idea, hope I can build one for my grandkids.
This looks like a lot of fun to play with!