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Picture of Plank to Bathtray
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I am in the process of finishing mk2 of my coffee table, while I was doing this I was updating a friend with mid build photos.

She decided what she needed in her life was a bath tray in the same colour scheme.

This was put together out of scraps and seeing what worked by messing around with what I had, what could be called "physically induced design" if you don't want to tell someone you got there by playing around. I had never made one before and while I am happy with it there are things I would change for mk2 but for me, that is part of the fun.

Please note this instructable will be explained how I did it, not the way you would do it if you had designed it first. I am explaining it this way so people hopefully understand that some times you should just play with an idea.

To make this particular build you will need:


  • Some piece(s) of wood of some kind, I used some scrap pine as that was what I had at that moment
  • Wooden rod or you could use 2 pieces of broom handle (again had that in the scrap wood bin)
  • 2 part epoxy - I use the clear "art" grade stuff but if you are not too fussed on the colour, normal is fine
  • Pigment/Ink
  • Glow in the dark powder (Because why not?)
  • Danish Oil


  • Rag
  • Plastic pint glasses
  • Wood glue
  • PVC tape (Wider the better)
  • Screws
  • Various grit belts
  • Various grit discs

Tools used(will suggest alternatives):

  • Table Saw
  • Crosscut saw
  • Thicknesser
  • Hole saw
  • Router with a half round bit
  • Battery drill + drill bit
  • Belt Sander
  • Random orbit sander
  • Every small clamp you have
  • Hot air gun
  • Optional - your local makerspace, I used fizzPOP in Birmingham, UK

Step 1: Cut the Plank Down

Picture of Cut the Plank Down
2. trimming lumber.jpeg
3. lumber pile.jpeg

So depending on if you are starting from small planks or a large single piece like I did depends on how much work this is going to be.

I used the table saw to cut my piece of pine into strips, then the crosscut to get them to uniform length as it was a damaged piece of timber. This could be done with a hand saw or a bandsaw with a large bed.

Please note the measurements below are to the closest 10mm, it isn't important for the build just make sure you have extra pieces if smaller.

You want to end up with :

11 pieces of 750mm by 40mm by 10mm

5 pieces of 1000mm by 40mm by 10mm

seamster4 months ago
Very cool, great detail with the epoxy stripes. Nicely done!
GarethFYI (author)  seamster4 months ago
Thanks, generally happy with it. Just need to get around to making mk2.