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Picture of Plant-based Colorful Sorbet

In the summertime, frozen treats often become a necessary "food group." While there is definitely a time and place for a tub of ice cream, sometimes we crave a more refreshing, fruit-based dessert. This sorbet definitely fulfills that role; packed with fruits and vegetables, this treat is fresh, tasty, and packed with micronutrients!

Step 1: Making the base

Picture of Making the base

For the base (to which the different colors will be added), add the 2.25 cups of frozen banana, 2.5 cups of frozen mango, and 0.5 cup of coconut cream.

{For the coconut cream, refrigerate a can of coconut milk (not low fat) for at least eight hours. When you open the can, there should be a solidified layer at the top (as pictured). Measure a half of a cup of just this layer to add to the blender. I like to freeze my own bananas and mangoes (the grocery store near me is selling mangoes for one dollar apiece!) by simply cutting them into slices when they are ripe and spreading them on a baking sheet to be frozen.}

offseid2 months ago
I want to try this! Well done. :)
Pygmy Puff in a Beanie (author)  offseid2 months ago
Please do! Thanks so much!
attosa2 months ago
Beautiful! Can you taste the curry?
Pygmy Puff in a Beanie (author)  attosa2 months ago
Thanks so much! I could taste the curry, but I actually really loved it with the coconut cream and the mango. I would add just turmeric if you don't want as much of a curry flavor, though!
jessyratfink2 months ago
What a fantastic idea to use bananas and coconut as the base for each. It's gorgeous :D
Thank you so much!!