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My wife and I decided that my daughter would have fun with a play kitchen. After looking at what was available I decided to make one from scratch. This project took WAY longer than we initially thought but it was fun to create a custom design with some personal touches.



  • Rigid Table Saw
  • Dewalt 12in Planer
  • Porter Cable 6in Jointer
  • Bosch Miter Saw
  • General's Arm-R-Seal
  • Woodpeckers 6in Square
  • Heat Gun
  • 50W Laser Cutter
  • CNC: Inventables X-Carve
  • Step 1: Breakdown Plywood

    Picture of Breakdown Plywood

    The entire frame, doors, and drawers were constructed for 3/4 in plywood. I initially broke the 4x8ft sheets down with a circular saw and cut everything to size on the table saw.

    This kitchen is just beautiful! I know my daughter would love to have something like this :)
    seamster4 months ago
    Very nice!!

    I made my daughter a simple farmhouse kitchen thing too ( a while ago, with some similar details. Yours is amazing, and SO nice. Well done! : )
    makeorbreakshop (author)  seamster4 months ago
    Oh sweet, that looks awesome!