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Picture of Polychrome LED Filament Lamp

I found these clear, filament style, LED bulbs at a hardware store on Castro Street in San Francisco! The bulbs themselves are great and I wanted to make a simple light fixture to show off the whole rainbow.

For this project I used S4S hardwood lumber that you can buy from any big box hardware store such as Home Depot. I decided to use solid walnut for this project. I love the mid century vibe walnut brings and also the rich depth of color this beautiful hardwood takes on after applying a finishing. That said, you can use any hardwood you perfer. (I'd love to make this again with Zebrawood!)

Step 1: Tools + Supplies

Picture of Tools + Supplies


• Miter saw

• Table Saw

• Orbital Sander

• Drill Press

• Cordless Drill

• 5/16" Wood Drill Bit

• 3/8" Thread Cutting Tap

1-3/8" Forstner Bit

• Drafting Compass

• Speed Square

• Tape Measure

• Ruler

• Phillips Screwdriver

• Wire Cutter/Stripper

Strap Clamp

• Bar Clamps (I ended up using 5 of clamps varying sizes.)


1x Red Feit Clear LED Filament Bulb 4.5W

1x Orange Feit Clear LED Filament Bulb 4.5W

1x Yellow Feit Clear LED Filament Bulb 4.5W

1x Green Feit Clear LED Filament Bulb 4.5W

1x Blue Feit Clear LED Filament Bulb 4.5W

1x Purple Feit Clear LED Filament Bulb 4.5W

• 9 ft x 0.75" Walnut (or hardwood of your choice) Lumber

1 can Spray Polyurethane

Wood Glue

• Sandpaper

• 12x 3/4" Pan Head Screws

• 4x 1" Brass Wood Screws

6x Light Sockets - Leviton 9063 Medium Base, Pony Cleat Lampholders

6 ft 18/3 Round Cloth Covered Electrical Cord

1x Antique Electrical Plug

• 4 ft Black 18Ga Wire

• 2 ft White 18Ga Wire

2x 2-Terminal Lever Wire Nut

I really just love this! Simple but fun and beautiful :)
CraigFrancis (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 months ago
: ) glad you liked it!!
marcericko2 months ago
Super cool! Absolutely love it and gotta make one! Great instructions! Voted!
CraigFrancis (author)  marcericko2 months ago
Yes! Let me know how it goes.. Thank you!
happydupa2 months ago
This was a fun Instructable to look through. Very well done with the sharp photos, clear directions, parts list, and I especially enjoyed the 'lessons learnt' portions. While I don't plan to make this, I learned about available parts and techniques for my own future projects. Thank you!
CraigFrancis (author)  happydupa2 months ago
Thank you! : )
rachl0092 months ago
Very pretty! I like colored lights that aren't Christmas lights, then I can have them all year long. I voted for you!
CraigFrancis (author)  rachl0092 months ago
If only every lamp were a rainbow lamp! Thanks for the vote! : )
rmumma2 months ago
The wood looks gorgeous! Love the warm color and the strong grain. The bulb colors are really rich too and not 'washed' out. Nice job
CraigFrancis (author)  rmumma2 months ago
Thank you! : ) I love those bulbs for that exact reason.
seamster2 months ago
Very cool! I like the cast color spectrum of light as well, that's a great effect - unintentional or not! : )
CraigFrancis (author)  seamster2 months ago
Cheers man! : ) It's a very cool effect.The separation of the color casts get even stronger the lower you dim the lamp. Its been fun playing around with the different effects you can create with varying placements and brightnesses etc..