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Picture of PortaReel Portable Fishing Pole
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This is our originally designed "PortaReel" Portable Fishing Pole! Its the smallest full function fishing rod available, a super useful tool to add to your fishing toolbox!

Features & Benefits:

-Super compact, has the same dimensions as an Altoids tin so you can keep a small tackle-box with it!

-Has a reel lock for storage. Also has an adjustable drag so you can set it up for bobber fishing. Just hook a carabiner around the finger hole and you can hang this device anywhere!

-Ideal for hiking or camping because it can fit into a pocket or on your belt so you can fish anytime without carrying a 6ft rod around!

-Makes a great survival rod or just a backup rod so when you go fishing with your kids you can keep them going while you untangle their main rod(s). ;)

-Can be configured for either left-handed or right-handed use when you string it.

-Also makes for a great Kite Flying Cord Reel.

-Includes a sealed ball bearing for smooth casting, and integrated neodymium magnets to hold the different positions so it will maintain functionality with long term wear or if it gets dirty. Makes a great one of a kind special gift for fisherman of all ages!

-Please see video linked above for casting technique. Line may tangle if not utilized properly. (That is, you must stop the reel with your finger when the lure hits the water to prevent the reel's spinning momentum from unspooling the line. This aspect of the design is what lets us be so small!)

This instructable will show you how to make your own using off the shelf parts and a 3D printer, OR you can buy a fully assembled PortaReel from me here: Buy Assembled PortaReel Here.

Step 1: STL Files + 3D Printing Notes

Picture of STL Files + 3D Printing Notes

Attached are the STL Files. You may make this for yourself but please respect the Non-Commercial aspect of the sharing license, which applies even if you edit the STL's.

All parts are positioned in the correct orientation altogether for one single print job.

Included is our custom designed popper fishing lure. It works well enough but honestly fishing lures are cheap enough to buy instead of make unless you are a pro or are really interested. Its surprsingly hard to design a lure that swims well!

Print Settings:

  • Any material (Our preference here)
  • No supports needed
  • 0.4mm Nozzle or slightly larger
  • 0.2mm layer thickness maximum
  • 4 perimeters all sides top & bottom
  • 10% infill minimum
Maker Saga3 months ago
Nice! I've learned I didn't need a fancy fishing pole for pond bass fishing. Caught an almost 2 footer with a spiderman kid's fishing pole. Have you done any durability simulations for different print filaments? Fusion 360 has this feature.
MechEngineerMike (author)  Maker Saga3 months ago
I have not done any simulations but Im sure the most likely mechanical failure mode is the fishing line breaking or the pin that holds the bearing shearing off. The force on the pin is almost entirely transverse shear and the pin is 8mm in diameter, but still I think its adequate for use on small game if your printer is good and the layers adhesivs is strong.
kverb6 months ago
Great stuff, I'd like to print one. I do prefer printing assemblies one part at a time, would you mind sharing the source file and/or separate stl files?
MechEngineerMike (author)  kverb6 months ago
Thanks! I just uploaded individual stl files. I thought it was nice to have together because they all have the same print settings.
What a fun little design! What did you use to design it?
Thanks! Solidworks
zakbobdop6 months ago
There. NOW I've seen the most awesome thing ever.
MechEngineerMike (author)  zakbobdop6 months ago
Ha thanks!