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Picture of Portable/Wireless LED Tracing Box

I don't consider myself an artistic person and I would imagine many others might feel the same as well. For special people like us, we sometimes need to trace things to get a task done. In the past I found myself trying to trace things off of my phone, or my laptop screen. This has always been a big pain because both of these are touch screens - thus resulting in a really scribbled and unprofessional trace. Not to mention I have always been terrified of scratching the screens themselves. I finally decided enough was enough and I made my own light pad - but with a twist.

This light box was going to be the king of light boxes. I wanted it to be portable, wireless, easy to use, cheap, and to have plenty of storage space for my materials. SO I MADE ONE! And with this Instructable, you can too! This Instructable is entered in the "Build a Tool" Contest so if you enjoy it, please leave a vote! I would greatly appreciate it! Anybody, can do this, so let's get to it!

Step 1: Assembling the Materials

Picture of Assembling the Materials

For this project you are going to need a couple of things: *NOTE* you can get many of these things marginally cheaper at your local craft/hardware store. Look out for coupons too!

  • Special Purpose Glass Frosting
  • 2 LED work space lights (I got these at Home Depot. If you look in the LED section you will find them) Feel free to use any other LED set up in order to achieve your desired brightness. There are plenty of options out there
  • One 5" x 7" glass pane (I got mine from a picture frame at the dollar store for a dollar :D)



  • Primer/Paint to paint the box