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Picture of Portal Cube

If you are, like me, a fan of the Portal game series, you can easily understand the appeal of owning a physical representation of such an iconic game item: A Portal Cube.

The name of this one is the Weighted Storage Cube.
It is quite similar to the companion cube which can be made with the same instructions and very little adjustments.


The dimensions of the final product are: 9.3 cm x 9.3 cm x 9.3 cm ( 9.3 cm is about 3 2/3 inches)


  • a 3D printer ( or you can use a 3D printing service )
  • PLA 3D printing filament of various colors ( White, Black, Cyan, Silver)
  • modeling glue or super glue
  • (optional) fine sanding paper ( about 220 grit )

With this out of the way, let's get started !

Step 1: Downloading the 3D Parts

Picture of Downloading the 3D Parts

When I started this project, I looked for an existing good quality 3D model of the cube that I could adapt to my need. Most of them were too approximate or were difficult to split in combinable parts.

I decided to make my own using Blender.

I went through various iterations to adjust the model to all the constraints of the project:

  • Parts must be printable without any support
  • Model is made of various materials
  • Assembling of the model should be easy
  • Final product must feel solid and robust

I've exported all the necessary parts in STL format.

reformy6 months ago
Thanks for this! I've already started printing - but I think I have a problem:
Your white-corner STL has actually two parts in it, the big one that needs to be printed 8 times and the small one that needs to printed 12 times. Am I right? Can you separate those two please?
JeckleCed (author)  reformy6 months ago
Yes, you are right :)
I should have separated them from the beginning,
This is now done, and I've updated the list of files accordingly.
Happy printing :)
King_Juan6 months ago
It almost looks like a Geometry Dash cube.
barista7 months ago
Awesome. Gonna try print ing in a single colour and practice my painting 'cos I'm a masochist
Awesome. Best game ever.