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Picture of Pots From Sand and Cement, NO MOLDS

This instructable will show you how to make flower pots and planters using just sand and cement without any molds.

Supplies needed.

Portland cement

Play sand

Tools needed

A small putty knife or small trowel

A turntable that I will show you how to make

Scrapers to form the pot, more about this later.

Step 1: Making the Turntable

I made a turntable out of a 6 inch Lazy Susan bearing that can be bought for around $6.00 at your local big box hardware store. The rest of it was made from scrap material I had on hand. I made this one to make small pots up to 7.5 in diameter. There are many ways to make a turntable this is just an easy one I think most people could make.

I used a piece of 2x4 with two scraps of plywood screwed to the bottom for supports and a square of plywood screwed to the top just large enough to hold the bearing. Screwed the bearing down on this. Then screw a circle of plywood to the top of the bearing. A piece of 1x4 screwed on to the 2x4 vertically and another piece screwed to the other side of the vertical, horizontally. This makes the other side of the horizontal piece over the center of the 2x4 and also the turntable. I had a bunch of 8 inch tiles so I centered one on the turntable and made two corner brackets out of 1/4 inch plywood and screwed them in place. So I could put a tile down and it will be centered and held in place.You do not need to use tile, you could use a piece of plywood or any thing else that is stiff enough to not bend when you lift it with the weight of the concrete and sand.

If you make a large turntable, use two 2x4s with a couple of small pieces between as spacers. This would give a much stabler surface to mount the bearing to.

CraftAndu20 days ago
How neat! This is a really interesting way to do it :D
daveda (author)  jessyratfink29 days ago
Thanks for commenting.
With this process you can make a lot of different sizes and shapes of pots by just making different scrapers. A lot easier than making a mold for the different pots, and way cheaper.
joen1 month ago
To flip a picture over, open the photo in an art program like GIMP or a paint program. In it, you should find various ways to manipulate the picture including flipping the picture sideways or up side down. That would be the simplest way to do it.
GIMP is a free art program you can download here:
JamesA41 joen1 month ago
Neat instructable in general. I've never seen this done before. Cool! I imagine a lot of possibilities with shapes, dyes, colorants and molds to pattern stone looking textures also. Wondering even with furnace cement for high fire work. I have some white portland and white sand and am wondering how will turn out with the silicone molds/stamps I made from some tiles. Thanks for the inspiration!

In regards to image editing, I use IrfanView with all the plugins to do quick edits real easy. Thanks for sharing!
daveda (author)  joen1 month ago
Thanks for your input I think I have finally solved this problem. I loaded the photo upside down and then when the editor turns it over it is back right side up.
joen daveda1 month ago
Great! I had another idea but if your fix works, Be happy, move forward! Leave it alone. I love your Instructable because it reminded me of some YOUTUBE videos of a similar process of making concrete planters but the planters were 4 and 5 feet in diameter. Similar process but the scrapers were mounted on a central post and went around the planter instead of your turn table arrangement. I live in an apartment so doing this would be a little awkward right now but I would like to try it some time. Thanks for a very informative Instructable.
daveda (author)  joen1 month ago
Yes I have done that but the instruable editor keeps turning it back upside down. There should de a way to change something this simple from within the editor.
Thanks for sharing this technique! I love that you created a turntable for this for only $6. :D