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Picture of Power Rangers MMPR/Zeo Gloves

I was having a hard time finding some Power Rangers costume gloves that I was happy with. So, I made some. I did NOT make the cuffs - those are a separate piece. This is good, because it means that you may reuse the gloves for any color ranger (and use them for Zeo Ranger gloves as well) by simply using a different cuff.

Step 1: Things You Will Need.

Picture of Things You Will Need.

1. MMPR Costume Gloves - I purchased these before Halloween at a Spirit Halloween shop.

2. White Fabric. I found a remnant that was almost a yard of a really nice faux leather (or vinyl that looked like leather). It had a soft back, was fairly thin, and has a stretch to it. You want something that will stretch so that it flexes with your hand. Added bonus - it was 75% off on sale at Joann.

3. Round white shoelaces. 550 paracord is the same size and would work well. Any cord about that size should work as long as it is white. Mine had reflective lines on it. You can see those on the gloves, but not very much. I used three 45 inch laces, so you'll need roughly 4 yards of cord - give or take.

4. White thread of your choice.

5. Standard sewing tools. Sewing Machine, Straight Pins, Scissors, and a Seem Ripper are pretty much all of the tools I used.

I think this project came a decade or two late...Now I can't think of the Power Rangers with out thinking of Krispy Kreme...sigh...

valek1982 (author)  MillennialDIYer1 year ago

I feel you on the Krispy Kreme.

Swansong1 year ago

Those came out really well! Great work :)

valek1982 (author)  Swansong1 year ago

Thank you!