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Picture of Pretty Polymer Geode Pendants
polymer geode.jpg

Can you tell I am a bit obsessed with the beautiful stones and geodes that nature makes?! Here I’m making my own version; but with Polymer clay. It’s endless possibilities have taken me in my usual unconventional direction. Such fun to make as no perfection is needed to create these Pretty Polymer Geode Pendants!

Step 1: The Secret Method:

Picture of The Secret Method:

The Amazing Polymer Clay:

Whilst strolling around a craft shop and pinterest I came upon ‘Translucent Clay’! Wo, that opened a whole lot of possibilities in that ‘artist-brain’ of mine. You know I love the clear beauty of resin with my pendants. This Premo brand Polymer clay has 2 colours of a translucent clay that with the right treatment will allow some perfect way to add sparkle and detail.

My line up of Premo clay (left to right):

I am replicating something from nature so I have chosen the more neutral palette of colours, but feel free to experiment. Just be aware that if the colours are too strong it will not look as real. Keeping to colours that relate on the colour wheel also works well.

I’ll admit that polymer clay has not always been my love since it typically looked so ‘plasticy’, probably since most use such a saturated bunch of colours. I like a challenge so I’m making my own rules… as usual.

Love the Pasta Machine:

Haha, I think my mother-in-law would flip! I now use the pasta machine to roll clay! Yes, it’s wonderful for that! Soften some of the translucent clay by working it in your warm hands until it will run through the machine at the thickest setting. No special tools are needed for simple working with polymer clay you can just use things that you already have; knives, knitting needles, rolling pin, nails, straws, wire, rocks, etc instead of buying expensive tools.

Adding Metallics:
Silver leafing is amazing with translucent clay. To embed some metallics use some silver or gold leaf and place over the rolled clay, as much or as little preferred. Once you roll it again slightly thinner it will crackle and spread. How lovely! And if you repeat with many layers it will shine through the translucent clay. Go crazy or be refined, there really is no wrong with this project.

sabu.dawdy4 months ago
Oh I saw ur blog when I begun surfing for geodes. These are lovely. Congratulations for being a finalist.
Very clever! :D
These are beautiful! And this is such a wonderful technique to be able to make so many and yet they are all unique :D