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Picture of The Prism Plane

For no real reason, I decided to build a paper plane that's a bit more involved than a simple dart.

You'll see a mix of images in the write-up; those built of graph-paper were the prorotyping stage, and those built of plane paper use the template I drew up for you to build your own.

Step 1: Needful things

Picture of Needful things

The Prism has only four parts - fuselage, wing, wing-support and tail.

So, the PDF file has six copies of the template on it - enough to make either a small fleet, or lots of mistakes.

You'll also need ...

...something to cut your paper (if you're using a knife, you'll need a cutting mat and a metal ruler as well).

...something to score the paper

...glue (I used a glue-stick when prototyping, but switched to a liquid PVA woodglue for the final model)

benbeta3 years ago

nice idea

Kiteman (author)  benbeta3 years ago

Thank you!


Kiteman (author)  pickledabomb3 years ago

Thank you.

IDEASJP20153 years ago

Voy a fabricarlo para ver que pasa, yo les informo que sucedio .

Kiteman (author)  IDEASJP20153 years ago

Thank you - I am looking foward to that.

Gracias - Busco adelante a eso.

Nice paper plane! Favorited it. :-)

Kiteman (author)  The Knex Inventor3 years ago

Thank you!

You are very welcome!

utatuka3 years ago

Very nice plane... Put a nail to the nose of the plane... You have than a dart arrow!

Kiteman (author)  utatuka3 years ago

Haha, that could be deadly!

I wore out a copy of "The Great International Paper Airplane Book"! Still love to make them. Great instructions, Kiteman!

Kiteman (author)  stringstretcher3 years ago