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Picture of Pull Tab Wallet

This is the wallet I use everyday!


About 2 years ago I was sick of traditional card holders with a limited amount of pockets. I wanted a smaller/slimmer wallet but also a wallet that did not restrict the amount of cards I could hold. After much browsing I came across Distil Union's Micro Wallet and I loved the concept. The only thing I did not like was how the elastic band would be on the outside and double as a cash pocket. So for the longest time I did not have a cash pocket, until I came across the Anson Calder Card Wallet. I really liked the design of having a diagonal slit for the cash pocket. Taking the two concepts I made the wallet you see now. This is the 5th time I have made the pull tab wallet. Each time I make this wallet I try something different so I can learn from each project.


So I have made this wallet so many times that I know it pretty well but I realized as I was writing the steps, that steps 6 and 18 are especially confusing so please don't hesitate to ask questions if anything is confusing! Better to ask questions than have 8 hours of work go down the drain...

Step 1: Materials I Used

  • Leather (Horween)
  • Pen
  • Leather Marking Pen (because it's non permanent)
  • Skiver
  • Knife
  • Metal Ruler
  • 3in wide elastic bands
  • 1in ribbons
  • Something to help you draw right angles
  • Lighter
  • Edge Beveler
  • Leather Glue (Seiwa water based glue)
  • Contact Cement
  • Awl
  • Wing Divider
  • Pricking Iron (3 mm)
  • Waxed Thread (0.6 tiger thread)
  • Stitching Needles
  • Edge Finish (Edge Kote)
  • Something to apply the edge finish
  • Burnisher attached to Dremel
  • Sandpaper
  • Edge Creaser
  • Assorted Hole Punches
  • Tape
Cherzer4 months ago
Love this! I’m always on the hunt for a better card solution.
АхмедА4 months ago
Perfect work
hichm4 months ago
It's Look Simple Wallet,
but the Work done well
NixonYiu (author)  hichm4 months ago
Thanks that means alot :D
seamster4 months ago
This is a good looking, simple wallet. Nicely done : )
NixonYiu (author)  seamster4 months ago
Thank You!