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Step 11: Punch

  • There are a couple tools you can use to punch your stitch holes, I use pricking irons
  • There are also different techniques, some people prefer to punch all the way through, other just mark the leather and go through with an awl later
  • Line up the pricking iron onto the stitch line you marked
  • Make sure the pricking iron is perpendicular
  • Tap pricking iron with a mallet
  • Put the last two spikes of the pricking iron into the holes you just made so the spacing for the new holes you make will be the same
  • Rounded corners are a bit hard, I just eyeballed the spacing
  • As you make your way around and almost reach the end, keep in mind spacing, you may have to adjust the spacing a bit so you don't end up with 2 holes super close to each other