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Picture of Quick Skills #8: How to tie the Tumble Hitch

Hi everyone,

this weeks video is a new episode of my Quick Skills series.

I was thinking that demonstrating how to tie a quick release knot would be an interesting addition to previous knots & lashings before we move on to other skill areas. I found this knot on and chose it due to its simplicity & efficiency.

Quick release knots/hitches can be used for temporary, non-critical tasks such as attaching the strings of a tarp to a tree/branch if you want to be able to take it down very quickly. Another option is to use this hitch if you want to open a knot remotely for example to recover a rope. Quick release knots are however not as reliable/secure as other hitches. Do not use a quick release hitch for climbing or when lifting critical loads.

Users of the mobile app can use this link to get to the video.

Check out the Instructable for the full how to and info on the current giveaway!

Let me know in the comments what you would like to see in future episodes of the Quick Skills series.

Cheers Alex

Step 1: Start

Picture of Start
  1. Take your rope an measure roughly one foot (30cm)
  2. Form a bight (bend the rope into an U-Shape)
MauriceM302 years ago

Love your approach, you are a good teacher. Could you make a video on how to splice a three stranded rope to make an eye loop?

jmwells3 years ago
Thanks for another good ible. I could see using this in conjunction with a snare.
Alex 2Q (author)  jmwells3 years ago

Hm I think it would be worth testing. The force required to pull the working end might be a little to high for most applications though.

Cheers Alex