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Picture of Quick Wooden Christmas Tree!

I am new to woodwork but was asked to make some Christmas trees for my daughters school pantomime. We had to make a forest but I made just 6 of them!

The trees had to be:

1. quick to make.

2. easy to transport

3. Quick to assemble on site.

Hence, I made a simple and quite compact design.

The final version will be painted green. However, I thought I would publish now in case someone wanted to make one before Christmas.

It took me one Saturday to make them all.

As usual, I must state I am not an expert so I am just giving the idea and expect the experts to do better!!

Step 1: Safety First!

Picture of Safety First!

Always wear protective equipment that is recommended by the manufacturer of the power tool you are using. Consult local safety regulations in force.

Always read the instruction manuals, in particular, the part about safety.

If you don't know what you are doing, ask for help or get help from a more experienced person.

Follow this instructable at your own risk. I am not responsible for any injury or damage caused by following this instructable.

EcoExpatMike9 months ago
Oh, I almost forgot. There is also an excellent "flat pack christmas tree" instructable on the site too...
misterxp (author)  EcoExpatMike9 months ago
Oh- I will check it out! thanks!
EcoExpatMike9 months ago
Nice, I did much the same for my family in the Philippines. Except I made it flat pack so I could store it between years... This is my son, age 2, on his "pre present" rocking it out while we wrap presents in the other room. And if you have to buy a tiny kid, the Ekorre, rocking moose from Ikea is a good deal. Near indestructable that thing.
misterxp (author)  EcoExpatMike9 months ago
Wow Thanks, lovely kid too! However, I can see you took much more time to make your version and it is much more aesthetically pleasant! great job!