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Picture of RFID NFC Tap and Go Ring for Credit Card Payment

The idea behind this project is that if you have an RFID credit card, you can tell your bank that you need a replacement card, then once you have that second card, you can dissolve it in acetone, take out the RFID chip, solder a new antenna to it, glue that assembly to an inner frame, then put that assembly in a mold made from the full-size ring, pour resin around it, then have a ring that will let you pay at any establishment that accepts RFID credit cards (you'll be able to use your ring at pretty much anywhere that accepts google/apple pay) without you needing to take out your wallet.

To find out if your card has RFID contactless payment options, look for this symbol on the front or back:

If it doesn't, you can also call your bank and see if they have them available. My card did not have RFID but they were able to send me one that did when I called and asked.

I'd suggest reading through everything in this instructable before starting in on this.

Step 1: Get a Second Card

This part is pretty straightforward. If you have a card with contactless payment options, call your bank and tell them it's wearing out. They should send you a second one and they should be very clear that your card number will not change. If it's not clear, double check with them. The reason that we want two duplicate cards is since not all stores accept tap to pay, you can make one into a ring and keep a regular card in your wallet for the usual chip or swipe payments. I am also told that in Europe, some banks issue "minicards" that are meant to go in your phone case or on a keychain and are an RFID-only duplicate of your main card, which is exactly what we want for this.

I made this in response to things like which is an active version of this, but not available in America.

If your card doesn't have RFID currently, call your bank and ask them if they have a version that does.

Some card issuers call them different things. Tap and go, contactless payment, paypass, etc... Most banks should know what you're talking about if you ask about contactless payment or tap and pay.

Either way, you should get a second card. Note that not all banks have RFID enabled cards yet.

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Beelphegorr2 months ago
Really cool project that I want to try, but I have one concern: will the bank not deactivate the old card once the new one has been issued? Or if they don't then, won't they do it when the current card expires and needs to get renewed?
Most probably it will. You should ask for a second card not a replacement.
alexmro2 months ago
So I dissolved my card and happened to find a chip with integrated antenna. Does anyone have an idea how should this work with this kind of chip?
AxelFoley772 months ago
Pretty Impressive
MartyCalavera3 months ago
Just like to add some notes for concerned commenters:
- RFID enabled cards encrypt all data sent between them and the point of sale, without having a legitimate POS machine connection, the cards info cant be read and used.

- Most major banks (here in Australia, and in the US) have an immediate pause or disable function within internet banking services, so as soon as you notice its gone, you can turn it off from your phone. Also, many banks have cover for fraudulent transactions.

- Smartwatches are more valuable, conspicuous, and need charging, but hey, everyone seems to be on that bandwagon.

I'm super excited to try this, especially since commercially available payment rings are taking an eternity (and a big price tag) to come to the public. I'm going to cast a ring I already own, then build onto it with clay and make a second mould of it thicker, to try and cast both pieces since 3d printing resin isn't an option for me. Do you think that would work?
vahid020003 months ago
oh very good
ntelas.464 months ago
Any smartphone with NFC can be used to check if it's working. No need to go to the vending machine!
pockybum522 (author)  ntelas.464 months ago
Good to know!
Ham-made4 months ago
pockybum522 (author)  Ham-made4 months ago
Thank you!
Asmodeo4 months ago
Gorgeous! I'll try with the public transportation card !
pockybum522 (author)  Asmodeo4 months ago
Thank you! I hope this is helpful in doing so, let me know where you get with it!
pockybum522 (author)  Asmodeo4 months ago
Let me know how you get on and if there's anything I can streamline in the instructions!
fred_dot_u4 months ago
To remove enamel insulation from magnet wire, I've learned of a method involving ordinary aspirin and solder flux. Place the aspirin tablet on a stable surface outside of the home, as toxic fumes may be generated. Apply a bit of solder flux paste to the tablet. As you heat the flux with the iron, apply the end of the wire to the paste. The bubbling action appears to cleanly eat away the insulation. One can easily apply solder to the wire at that point, as it is also fluxed in the process.
I always use a lighter.....or a strip of 1500 or finer sandpaper over a cardboard surface....
pockybum522 (author)  fred_dot_u4 months ago
That's absolutely fantastic. I'm going to try that next time I make one. Much appreciated!
I can confirm too that removing the insulation using an aspirin works very good, only thing is not to breath in the smoke, not sure if it is toxic, but smells bad :) (I think it works because aspirin it is an acid substance - acetylsalicylic acid)
jkarouta4 months ago
Great project! Even though I'm not really a ring-wearer, I'm definitely thinking about which object I could "upgrade"... Maybe a key ring/chain or my watch band..

Lastly I would consider writing down the valid-thru date of your card, and maybe engrave it or embed it in the ring.. At least don't forget it! ;)
pockybum522 (author)  jkarouta4 months ago
Let me know how watch band goes, it should work just fine. Run the antenna as far out in the band as you can get it without compromising structure, if you're going to do it internally. You might also get good results running it around behind the watchband and then "laminating" it with something so it's not rubbing on your skin.
Nice thought....I think I would make a leather band, sandwiching the antenna into two layers...perhaps doing It like a bracelet with an attached wristwatch will be nice too, and It will let me make the diameter closest to the original....
If in a watch band, you could make it out of silicone and zig-zag the wire so it could stretch. And maybe put the electronics so they're on the underside of your wrist so you could just wave over the terminal.
JeremyH1174 months ago
I agree with the other comments that banks will cancel the original card if you ask for a replacement. However, you can ask for an additional card for your child (or pet if you have no children - they don't need to know). They're usually willing to issue an extra card for such purposes.

As for the idea - great! Very well executed and clever.
You need to ask for DUPLICATE, not REPLACEMENT. Replacement will result in new CVV and expiration, while duplicate is real duplicate.
pockybum522 (author)  JeremyH1174 months ago
Strange. I just say mine's worn and I get another with the same number. I'm with a major bank in America. Been doing it for years.
I've done that too, but they cancel the old card. I usually end up with a new expiration date when I get the replacement card (depends on the bank). Embedded in the info for the card is the account number as well as a card ID or sequence number, so they can distinguish between the old and new cards. I guess it all depends on the bank and how secure/paranoid they are.
pockybum522 (author)  JeremyH1174 months ago
Interesting! Based on these comments it seems like it's a lot less common/impossible to get duplicate cards outside of America without adding an authorized user.
In Europe it's getting more and more common for banks to issue "minicards" that you can place in your phone case. These always come as a secondary card, and can only be used contactless. These would be perfect for this project!
Also, although most banks do indeed cancel your old card if you request a replacement, it should always be possible to request a second card. This might come at a small anual fee, but it might be worth it for such a project!
pockybum522 (author)  jkarouta4 months ago
That's good to know! I asked my bank about those as I remembered them from the first generation of RFID credit cards 5 or 6 years ago, but they didn't issue them. Good to know that some have them available, they would definitely work well for this.

The chip's board might even be smaller since it's intended to go in a smaller form factor. Thanks for the tip!
ERICOSCAR4 months ago
Nice peace of work but not that clever use.............
In Sweden the limit for contactless bleeping is about 20 US$ for each transaction.
That didn´t stop one stolen card here to be used in a few hours for a total of more than 500 US$
Personally i have disconnected this function from my cards.
This function is part of the Banks plan to elliminate cash, all money should be electronic and controlled by the Banks so they can put fees on all transactions.
And ofcourse follow your trail of buying behavior to drown you in adwertisements......

Cheers from Sweden.

Depends on country, here in CZ(EU) I can set whatever limit I like online. I can pay as well 1€ as 1000€ with contactless.
pockybum522 (author)  ERICOSCAR4 months ago
Oh no! Yeah that's not helpful. In the US I think there's a limit of a few hundred with most banks. I have not found it yet.
JohnR8124 months ago
In the UK, whilst contactless cards are pretty much universal, the policy of most banks on replacement cards is that the previous one is cancelled as soon as they see the new one used.
pockybum522 (author)  JohnR8124 months ago
I just say mine's worn and I get another with the same number. I wonder if it's only America they do this. God that's gotta be annoying to swap everything over to the new number if your chip wears out.
Here (Czechia/EU) I can ask for duplicate. Since cards belongs to VISA/MASTERCARD I think most of EU banks should be able to do this. I can also set any limit I like online, so I can pay any amount contactless. Only in case of stop listing card you will get new number.
I travel to USA sometime for work. The rules about credit cards and banking safety are pretty different from Europe (both EU nations and not-EU nations, such as Swiss) and USA.
In general, ATM, credit cards and home banking in USA are less safe from frauds and identity theft than in Europe.
Darr2474 months ago
22.12 meter wavelength (13.56MHz typical) = 870.8635 inches... so a 1/32 wave antenna should be about 27.25'' long. What really matters is the diameter of the antenna in the reader. Check this out
pockybum522 (author)  Darr2474 months ago
So I should be aiming for 13.62" for winding the ring. I measured the original antenna very carefully the first time. I wonder why they made it 30" instead of 27.25"

I would love an antenna analyzer so I could test different diameters. In the meantime I'm just using the same gauge that was in the original card, as measured very carefully with calipers.


Edit: Heh, I love the title of the third section of that PDF. I know that feeling well.
MikeH5324 months ago
Most banks will render the previous card invalid if you ask for a replacement. So this ring will by your only way to pay .. Cool idea but not practical for the masses
pockybum522 (author)  MikeH5324 months ago
Strange. I just say mine's worn and I get another with the same number. I'm with a major bank in America. Been doing it for years. You can also ask for an "authorized user" card for someone you trust if they'll let you that will accomplish the same thing.
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