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Step 10: Use It!

Picture of Use It!

Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

If you've made it this far, please leave a comment as to your experience so I can refine the instructions.

For most point of sale readers, you'll want to bend your knuckles as shown in the above picture and basically put your fingers on the screen of the reader with the ring parallel to the screen. I've found that some readers like it positioned just above the keypad. Most of them work best when it's in the direct middle of the screen, so start there and move it down a little if it doesn't work after a few seconds.If you move it away too fast, it will also fail. Give your ring a few (3 or 4) seconds before trying in a different area. You'll figure out quickly enough where it works at your favorite retailers that support it. I've also seen some options where you do a kind of "fist bump" and place the ring directly touching the reader, but I haven't tried that too often yet so I can't report as to how well it works.