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Step 7: Prep the Ring for the Mold

Picture of Prep the Ring for the Mold

Take your 3D printed full ring that you scaled and wet-sand it with 1000 grit sandpaper for about 15 minutes. You shouldn't see any major ridges from printing at this point, and it should be cloudy all over. If it's not, sand a little longer.

If you intend to make a clear ring, I'd suggest wet-sanding it for another 45 minutes, then wet-sanding with 1500 grit sandpaper for about an hour, then wet-sanding with 2000 grit for about an hour. Painful, but if you need to make more rings down the road (and you will, when your credit card expires, or if someone gets a hold of your card number and you need to reissue a new one) then time spent here is time that you don't have to spend on each cast you make in the future. Much better to get it perfectly smooth now and not have to spend an hour sanding each ring that you cast in the future.