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Let's build an RGB infinity mirror!

I know there are many instructables that teach how to make an infinity mirror, but I think mine is one of the simplest to build.

It's a DIY very easy, you only need the following materials:

  • Frame - You can use any frame as long as it has enough thickness to accommodate the LED strip. I used HOVSTA from IKEA!
  • RGB LED strip - OK, it doesn't have to be RGB, you can use any LED strip, but if you can change color it looks much better! For this project I used a 1m (3ft) USB RGB LED strip with infrared remote control.
  • Mirror & Glass - They should be as thin as possible so they can fit in the frame. I used a mirror with 3mm (0.12in) and a glass with 2mm (0.08in).
  • Mirror film - Easily found at your local store.

Step 1: Let's Start!

Picture of Let's Start!

Bring all the materials together, open the toolbox and let's get started!

Begin by disassembling the frame until you find the inner frame. Start sticking the LED strip from one of the inner corners and when you reach the end you have to cut the inside frame as you can see in the image.

Make a hole in the frame to pass the cable from the led strip.

The illumination of our RGB infinity mirror is complete!

so, if I understand what is not stated, the film is installed, reflective side down, secured with something, then the frame is turned over, with something (glue)? holding all together, and turn leds on. Earlier you stated glass with film side down, which flipped over would = the top, correct? I think the confusion is "put the film side inward" to me that means down, into...., when turned over the film side will be up, with mirror on the bottom, and the lights will show thru the 2 way glass/film??????????????????????????
TheTugaHandyman (author)  harry shaboogy8 months ago
Hello and thanks for your comment.
I will try to respond as best as possible although English is not my native language.
You do not need any glue to close the frame, the reason I mentioned that the mirror and glass should be as thin as possible is to allow the frame to be mounted without glue. The frame will look just like any other frame that has never been modified.
To avoid scratches, the mirror film should face the LED strip and mirror, it should be protected inside the frame, although it works in one way or another.
I hope I have been able to clarify your doubts, if you need any further help please ask.

I love how chunky it looks but how slim it really is.
The illusion is amazing!
I'm glad you liked it, thank you.