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This instructable will show you how to make a radio controlled paper plane for cheap!

It takes inspiration from Peter Sripol's guide on making an RC paper plane, however builds upon what he did by using a cheaper quadcopter, and using a design which removes the need to do any soldering.

By doing so, anyone can make this with basic hand tools and mostly things you'll have lying around the house!

The up/down stick of the drone controls the throttle of the plane. The left to right stick turns the plane. As it has no rudder, it turns by varying the motor speed on each side. There is no elevator control, however increasing the planes speed makes it go up, whilst reducing speed will allow it to glide down.

Step 1: Gather Your Parts!

Picture of Gather Your Parts!
IgorF29 days ago
Good job! This one was fun! :D
medekom9 days ago
This look sick, great piece of creativity.

That is so fun! I just love this idea :)
BudgeProjects (author)  Penolopy Bulnick21 days ago
Thanks so much! I Your name sounded familiar... I saw that mask you posted on /r/3dprinting! So cool!
Thank you :)
WannaDuino21 days ago

carbonunit622 days ago
For a better flight, one correction that you can make to improve the flight stability is by improving the simple "aerodynamics" of the wings! To make the paper airplane a better flyer, do not use an object like that BIC lighter to smooth down the wing edges and don't tape the wing edges either, just leave them "free folded."

You can flatten the initial fold with the lighter, but when it comes to the wing folds, just use the soft skin part of your finger (not your nail) to make a "relaxed" fold. What this will do is NOT make the paper lay absolutely flat at the wing folds, instead those folds will be naturally "arched" creating a slight "airfoil" which will greatly increase the "aerodynamic lift" of the wings hence, a more controlled flight. Hope that helps
BudgeProjects (author)  carbonunit622 days ago
Wow that's really cool! I never knew that, thanks for the tips. How did you learn so much about paper planes? It's fascinating!
All my life I have built and flown flying model aircraft, from airplanes to helicopters and that said, aerodynamics applies to anything pertained to "flight" that is designed either in the wings, in the actual fuselage like in the SR71, including the propellers and rotors themselves having "airfoil" aerodynamic configurations.

It does not matter whether it's a full sized 747 passenger airliner, a Cessna 152, a scale model airplane, a paper folded plane, a living Eagle, a Pigeon, a Hummingbird or even the smallest flying which is where it all started on God's green

If you'd like to enjoy more on this simple yet very complex issue called "The Laws of Fluid Dynamics" and in this case - Aerodynamics.....even if you just want to creatively apply it to a paper airplane, I encourage you to look into it on YouTube as there is more than you'll ever need to know, and all of it just for the fun of it.

The following link is a good start for you here:

This is an interesting link that this gut called John Collins who is the World Record holder for paper airplanes that he's presenting on YouTube here:

And here's more info here about him and his books here:

And all these other links below will bring you to everything that John Collins and many others who have mastered paper airplanes here:

Enjoy....The World of
JanS12722 days ago
Great idea! I have wrecked quadrocopter, this could bring it a new life.
Recently I used it to power small boat. One propeller for drive forward, the other to change direction. The bad is, quadrocopters don't have reverse :-).
BudgeProjects (author)  JanS12722 days ago
That would be really cool!
fred189623 days ago
voted mate
BudgeProjects (author)  fred189622 days ago
Thanks mate!
its sick
maximpulse22 days ago
BudgeProjects (author)  maximpulse22 days ago
It has been $9 for a long time, I guess it was a very long sale. You can make the same design with other cheap drones! I will edit the link to an alternative. Sorry about that
49.00 that's a lot I would rather have the drone than a paper airplane!
not costs efficient..
Ferferite27 days ago
very nicely done, congrats!
BudgeProjects (author)  Ferferite25 days ago
Thanks mate!