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Picture of Rainbow Vision Spectacles

This Instructable helps you create independently colouredvision goggles!

It's nothing much more complex than cereal boxes, some coloured films and split pins. But following a request on Twitter, I realise it needed a breakdown to make it simple - and no better place than here =)

In case you're interested - the project started because I was 'investigating' if colour affected your performance on Crazy Golf (as supposedly John Lennon wore coloured lenses as it changed his mood/focus/creativity...). I wondered if different colours helped people to focus / take risks / relax-into-the-shot more...

I also just like the idea of any serious sports person wearing these (though I'm not holding my breath!). If you like these, please vote in the Rainbow Contest!

Step 1: Colour Wheels (Compass Vs Round Objects)

Picture of Colour Wheels (Compass Vs Round Objects)

Find a large round object like a tin. I got one 100mm diameter. Draw around this, and mark the centre.

Take a smaller round object like a bottle cap, or inner of a tape roll. Mine was 25mm diameter.

Evenly space 6x the small circles in the larger one, leaving about 5mm from the large circle, and from each other. One can of course do this more accurately, (see this video LINK), but I'm a fan of showing that accuracy is not always as crucial as you think, and you can work faster with some small inaccuracies....especially for a fun thing like this!

attosa5 days ago
Aww this is so great! Reminds me of my View Master from when I was a kid :)
Such a neat idea :) How does it feel to look through two different colors at once?
Hey Jude (author)  Penolopy Bulnick5 days ago
Also, they work with 3D images! Like this: Image result for 3d images red green
That's pretty neat :)
Hey Jude (author)  Penolopy Bulnick5 days ago
It's really crazy - and quite disorientating at first....then your brain 'compensates'. You should totally make some and try =)
artworker6 days ago
You can try using large "sew on snaps" instead of the split pins to protect the eyes. Nice project.
Hey Jude (author)  artworker5 days ago
That's a good suggestion. I honestly think the risk is quite small, but for the very safety conscious, the best way would be to simply add card over the top of the 'legs'.
This is brilliant!
Hey Jude (author)  audreyobscura6 days ago
Thanks! It was a cool thing to be a part of.
Gadisha8 days ago
Next project: Kaleidoscope eyes? ;)
Hey Jude (author)  Gadisha6 days ago
Draw a sketch. I might try and make it :)
You took the colored glasses/blinders to the next level!
Hey Jude (author)  jagmeet_hanspal6 days ago
Mixing Left/Right colours gets really freaky. It messes with your head.
Gloria E7 days ago
Nice. I like it. I’m a painter and I am excited to use it.
Hey Jude (author)  Gloria E6 days ago
It’s trippy. If you have look at grass, with green filters, it looks ‘white’. So must be cool when painting. Feel free to upload your work!
I freakin love this, man!
Hey Jude (author)  adam adkison6 days ago