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Picture of Rainbow Wood Turned Box

In this project which will be donated to charity i will be resin inlaying the colour's of the rainbow and woodturning into a lidded box with a rainbow finial.

I have added the video for you to refer to for more information.

Items used in this project

1) Amazing casting resin

2) Alumilite dyes

3) Measure cup, stir sticks, gloves

4) 3" x 5" block wood

5) lathe

6) Turning tools

7) Sand sealer

8) Yorkshire grit

9) Wax finish

10) Drill

11) Drill bits

12) Sandpaper 120,180,240 grit

13) Micromesh sanding pads.

14) plastic polish.

Step 1: Prepairing the Wood Blank

Picture of Prepairing the Wood Blank

1) Using the drill and a mix of drill sizes, i drilled 5 to 6 holes around 1 inch deep into one side.

Time to start the resin inlay

2) I mix the resin, divide and add alumilite dyes a range of colours. i waited 24 hours for resin to cure. Over the next four day i repeat this process. (all resins mix differently follow the instructions for yours)

BayRatt1 year ago

That is very pretty!