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Picture of Raised Flowerbed

A section of the garden was too sandy and dry for grass to grow on, so I thought i would have a go at creating some raised flower beds with slabs around them to square-off the lawn.

Step 1: Painting/Treating the Wood

Picture of Painting/Treating the Wood

First of all the box sections needed painting. This is with pretty standard fence paint/stain, so I know its weatherproof. I painted the parts that fit together first so i knew it was fully covered and protected. Then i put them together before painting the rest.

AlejandroV1042 months ago
where did you get the material for the raised garden? pre fabricated?
Blu-Ink (author)  AlejandroV1041 month ago
Yes the wood surrounds where prefab and bought from a store before i got involved, I dont know where they were from or how much they cost but anything could really be used.
If this part where upto me i would have looked for salvage wood online. That way it would be probably cheaper and with one or two buried cross braces, I would have tried to make the planter one long continuous bed.
maniCANdan4 months ago
nice work and good idea