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Picture of Ramen Bowl Lamp With Yellow LEDs

You’d think after living off 10 cent ramen packets in college, I would be sick of the stuff, but many years later I still have a great fondness for the inexpensive noodle bricks. Admittedly, as a semi-health conscious adult with a slightly more sophisticated pallet, I consume the instant noodles infrequently and save my ramen cravings for the quaint little ramen restaurant downtown, where the ramen is cooked to noodly perfection and accompanied by a boiled egg, seaweed, and my choice of meat.

It’s comfort food at its finest, and when I noticed that the inexpensive Walmart lamp I had illuminating a corner of my living room resembled the large bowls used at my favorite ramen restaurant, I decided to give my lamp a makeover and transform it into something just as warm and comforting as my favorite bowl of tonkotsu ramen.

And so, the Ramen Bowl Lamp was born.

Step 1: Assembling the Bowl

Picture of Assembling the Bowl

The first step in creating your Ramen Bowl Lamp is deconstructing the store-bought standing lamp and harvesting the lampshade and base. If you purchased the same lamp as I did [Image 1.01], the lampshade is already detached [Image 1.02], but in order to detach the base from the rest of the parts, you will need to either cut the cord [Image 1.03] or disconnect the positive and negative ends of the cord from the light bulb socket. For the Ramen Bowl Lamp, we will not need the power cord and bulb socket that came with the store-bought lamp because we will be installing LEDs, so If you have no intention of re-purposing the leftover pieces for another project, just cut the cord and unthread it from the lamp base to save yourself a few minutes.

Once you have your lampshade and lamp base, use E600 glue to attach the bottom of the shade directly to the center of the base [Image 1.04]. You want to have a really strong hold between these two pieces, so follow the E600 package instructions and let the glue cure for 24 hours.

Tip: I turned my lamp upside down [Image 1.05] so that the heavier weight of the base ensured a solid connection between the two pieces while the glue dried.

I LOVE THIS IDEA! So clever and what a great Instructable! You've got my vote!
ramenkingandi (author)  Tye Rannosaurus3 months ago
Thank you! I'm glad you liked this Instructable. :-)
sparks373 months ago
Excellent work very impressive
Jolonar3 months ago
Fantastic project! I am an avid Ramen lover myself and visit a decent place once a week. It's run by Japanese staff and they have nearly a dozen different styles of ramen in addition to other fares like Gyu-don (beef bowls) and Croquette set. One thing I would like to say is the noodles should be closer to the tips of the hashi (chopsticks) but if I seen it as it is at a market, I'd buy it. No hesitation. :)
ramenkingandi (author)  Jolonar3 months ago
Glad you liked it! Yeah, I agree that the position of the ramen on the chopsticks is not accurate, but for the purpose of the lamp, I just liked the way it looked showing the tips. :-)
IvliaB3 months ago
Quick hint. If you first line your kinder egg with plastic before filling with the clay you can then just lift the clay out afterwards. Another solution I am told is to give a quick spray with a silicon spray, again the clay will just slip out of the mould afterwards. Great design and can easily be adapted for different finishes.
ramenkingandi (author)  IvliaB3 months ago
Thanks for the tip! The clay actually pops out of the Kinder Joy wrapper easily because the plastic is flexible and smooth. I mostly brought attention to the "damage" done during the process so people wouldn't spend extra time trying to get the perfect shaped egg when the curved part needed to be cut away after de-molding.
Very nice
hahaha, i thought this was a light-up bowl for Real ramen, and thought how much my grand-dtrs would enjoy a light up bowl! may have to figure that out based on your instructions for the bowl part. looks great! and so real :0)
ramenkingandi (author)  sylviahamilton3 months ago
Thank you! Hope you figure out that light-up bowl for your granddaughters! :-D
frarugi873 months ago
Pretty impressive! It's a great work.
anyway... "The ramen broth is made of two-part resin" I admit I did not know this... I thought it was water and meat :P
ramenkingandi (author)  frarugi873 months ago
Glad you think it looks realistic!
GrimFolf3 months ago
LEGIT found this on imgur and said to a friend "yoo i wanna make this!" SOOO HAPPY to find it was here that it was posted first!!!!
ramenkingandi (author)  GrimFolf3 months ago
Glad you found your way to this Instructable then! :-) I'm happy to help if you have any questions making it.
This is seriousy impressive and creative!
ramenkingandi (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 months ago
Thank you! :-)
kooyma3 months ago
What a great project, takes work but not impossible, awesome result -fantastic instructable!!
ramenkingandi (author)  kooyma3 months ago
Thank you! And you would be surprised. It seems like a lot of work because there are a lot of steps and individual pieces to construct, but if it were not for having to wait on the resin and glue to cure, it is a project that could be completed in a day. :-)
dejanf23 months ago
Great work,thank you for sharing.