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Picture of Raspberry Pi 1 Gameboy

Have you ever think to play classic video games on the go, but weren't sure where to get a device capable of running old games, or they were just too expensive? Then this instructable is for you. In this instructable, I will show you how you can make your own inexpensive Gameboy using Raspberry Pi.

Building this Portable Games Console is possibly the most fun I've had using a Raspberry Pi. And it's not just the build that's fun; I've now got a fully functioning games console, so I can play all my favorite old arcade games, on-the-go!

I am inspired by Adafruit Gameboy but this gameboy has a lack of sound playing functionality. So, I decided to make an update version of it.

Since it's a Raspberry Pi Linux computer, we can run differerent emulators on it. We happen to be partial to 8-bit NES but there's also MAME support and maybe you could even hack-in support for your favorite old console!

The 3d printed enclosure will house all the components and can be printed in your favorite color.

Step 1: BILL of Materials

Picture of BILL of Materials
power bank circuit.jpg

The following hardware components are required to make the Gameboy:

1. Raspberry Pi 1 Model B (

2. 2.8 inch PiTFT (

3. Lithium Ion Cylindrical Battery - 3.7v 2200mAh (

4. 5V 2.1A Lithium Battery Power Bank Charger Module (

5. Mini Audio Class D amplifier board (

6. Mini Metal Speaker (

7. SPDT Slide Switch (

8. Tactile buttons 12mmx6mm (

The following tools will be required:

1. Access to a 3D printer (buy a desktop 3D printer only at $145 from

2. Adjustable Temperature Soldering Station (

3. Wire Cutter (

Azosin7 months ago
Is there a GBA cartridge slot?
Duck821 year ago

Can this emulate GBA?

love it. Looks really simple. I'm searching for such a project for my students!

I only have RP3's. Think I'll have to tweak some stuff here and there

JimM3181 year ago

How long does this run with a single 18650? I have a bunch of kids and was wanting to build them some things like this for on car trips to help keep them calm lol

JoshN681 year ago
Very cool! I almost thought that I had clicked my instructable because the intro to my Raspberry Pi Gaming Device is almost the exact same :)