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Step 10: Test Running

Picture of Test Running

After weeks and weeks of working on this thing after work and on the weekends, it was finally time to test it out in the parking lot. I hadn't completed the steering, shifter, and a couple little things when it came time for a test run. This was actually the first time I'd get to see if the motor runs! I had replaced the carburetor, but I didn't have a battery or electrical hooked up, so I hadn't been able to test it yet. Luckily, everything worked exactly it should. It fired right up! Top speed was a little slow, so I'll have to replace a pulley or two with a different size to gain some mechanical advantage.

It definitely drew the attention of the other businesses in our industrial park! There will be some improvements in the future, but for now, it's pretty hard to believe it used to be a lawnmower destined for the scrap yard!

callhow4 months ago
You might not know it, but some lawn standard tractor "deck v-belts" are very long.
MoparDude4 months ago
This is and OUTSTANDING Instructable!!! Even though I am older & in to wood working, I read every word & looked at every picture, closely & with great interest. I use to be in to Muscle Cars till a couple of Yrs ago when Diabetes started bothering my feet. Still own a 1969 Dodge Superbee that I did a ground up restoration. So I like things that go.
I hope you win the Trash to Treasure contest, you deserve it.
Could you please tell me where you live, if you don't mind.
Andy/ BeeMan.
Dakotamouse4 months ago
Less than 2 years to retirement and then she will be mine!