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Step 3: Welding It Back Together

Originally I thought I would bend some pipe that we had leftover from a project at work to get the perfect angle for the front axle. However, with the carburetor and big air filter on the engine, there just wasn't room for a bent pipe on that side. Instead, I had to compromise again and flip the frame section that houses the axle and install it upside down with a straight pipe. It actually worked out much simpler.

I extended the frame 12". This was the minimum I needed to lengthen it for the tire to clear the air filter at full turn.

I cut my pipe (1" sch40) frame extensions at 20". I'd have 2.75" of weld area on the front section with the axle (as much as my design would allow), and 5.25" on the engine-side. I bent the frame around the pipe as much as possible and welded in as many spots as I could get the stinger into.

The tire at full turn would just clear the air filter. The filter isn't in the best spot for keeping clean, but sometimes fashion trumps function.

To make the steering fit, I had to lower the front end another inch and flip the steering arm to bias towards the rear of the mower.