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Step 4: "Body" Panels

The dashboard is made from the cut off section of the barrow. The supports for it are made from some 1/4" stainless round bar we had a lot of scraps of at work. It sits higher than the original plan, because it allows access to the engine and flywheel. The supports are welded directly to the frame of the mower. It's not ideal if I need to pull the engine for a rebuild or replacement in the future, but they're surprisingly flexible in case they need to be bent out of the way.

The grill is made from an old pitchfork. I marked and notched where the tines touched the front steering support and welded each tine in place. I originally planned to cut the pitchfork down, but, frankly, I think it looks pretty cool long, so I left it. You can't go back if it doesn't look good cut down, after all.