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Step 5: Fuel Tank

Picture of Fuel Tank

One of the staples of a rat rod is the fuel tank. I knew I wanted to do something unique. A mini keg? Stainless beer growler? Hide it in a mailbox? I really wanted an old square one gallon gas or oil can. Turns out one of those was surprisingly hard to find. I compromised with a dented and rusty paint thinner can I had. It had a great patina, and I think it matched the rust and chipped paint of the barrow really well.

So I picked up a shutoff valve complete with gasket on Amazon:

Installing the valve is as simple as drilling the right sized hole in the bottom of the can and bolting the valve into place. There are two VERY important parts of properly executing this task: 1) using a Nylock nut because you do not want that nut backing itself off and spilling gas everywhere; 2) place the hole in a location you can access with a deep socket and long extension through the filler hole. And in my case, there's actually a third lesson learned: don't use a can with a hole in it.

As it turns out, the rusted gallon jug with a dent in it also had a leak right in the middle of the dent. Can't win em all...

So I had to use a rather new-looking paint thinner can. Hopefully it'll pick up some rust soon enough...