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Step 9: Battery Box and Trunk

In lieu of a truck bed, I decided to go with an old mailbox for a trunk.

I reused the old battery box and mounted it behind the barrow body. There wasn't much room for it between the kart frame and where I wanted to put the mailbox. I also wanted to keep it up high enough that I could use the original tow hitch for a future matching trailer project.

I welded the old battery box directly to the frame of the mower. It wasn't designed to support the weight of the battery the way that I mounted it, but I braced it with the mail box mount supports, so it shouldn't be a problem.

I used more of the leftover 1" sch40 pipe to create bracing for the battery box and the main support for the mailbox mount. I had to cut a relatively complicated double-miter on the round pipe, which can be a real pain. I used an Evolution miter saw. This saw can cut most materials, and the miter function made it really easy to make a cut that would otherwise be a nightmare.

I left the pipe sections long so I could cut them to fit the mailbox mount once they were in place. Sometimes it's just so hard to visualize how long a piece needs to be to get the perfect "look."

The mailbox mount is made from 1/8" steel plate, and bent on the brake press with a 60 degree die.

I braced the cut up sheet metal that used to be the frame of the mower with some 3/16" stainless. It's overkill, but I work at a stainless shop, so it's the most plentiful scrap I've got access to.