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Picture of Real Magic Wallet
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The magic wallet I am going to present here is different. It makes money disappear!

The story

When I was a kid, my grandfather had amazing magic tricks. So amazing that I wanted to become a magician for many years. One day he offered me a little wallet. And this handmade wallet was magic: it could make money disappear! I was so excited about this wallet, I played a lot with it. Then I grew up and I forgot. And recently, I read tutorials on how to make classic1 magic wallets, and I thought it was time to explain how the real2 magic wallet my grandfather gave me works.

In fact, there are many tutorials on the internet about how to make classic1 magic wallet. Basically, the trick is inspired from the Jacob's ladder toy , and the wallet opens on both sides. If a bill is placed below a ribbon on side 1 of the wallet, it will change place if the wallet is open on side 2. But the one I am going to present here is different (while using the same principle), and the trick is more advanced so that it makes money disappear. Let's consider it as a remix.

1: when I refer to "classic" magic wallet, I refer to most of the magic wallets we can see on the internet, with money flipping from one side of a ribbon in the wallet, to the other side of the ribbon.

2: when I refer to "real" magic wallet, I refer to the wallet with money disappearing feature.

The content

First, if you don't want to 3D print the wallet (or don't have a 3D printer), you can easily make it differently. Here are some ideas (but remember to come read step 10 to 12, to add the "money disappearing feature" to the wallet):

Now, this is what you will find in this instructable:

  • From step 1 to step 5, I explain how I designed this Magic Wallet with Tinkercad. I used Tinkercad because it is free, online and easy to use: so everyone can use it!
  • From step 6 to step 9, I explain how to assemble the pieces of the Magic Wallet designed with Tinkercad.
  • At step 10, I explain how to add the "money disappearing trick" to a cardboard magic wallet.
  • At step 11, I explain how to use the wallet.
  • At step 12, I hope you learned something new, you liked reading this instructable and you hit the ♥ button.

Step 1: Design With Tinkercad (1/5, Overview)

Picture of Design With Tinkercad (1/5, Overview)

The wallet I designed with Tinkercad is composed of 3 different parts, and I called them as follow:

  • The frame (in red). This is the structure of the wallet.
  • The coin plate (in blue). This is where the money is placed inside the wallet.
  • The cover (in green). To hide the frame and the coin plate.

This is the link to Tinkercad.

You can also download the files on Cults3D or Thingiverse.

Now let's design!

cagilliam7714 days ago
can it be modified to make dollar bills disappear?
Matlek (author)  cagilliam7713 days ago
No need to modify it: I have made it so one can place folded bills inside. I have tried with euro bills and it works great. But if you don't want to fold the bills, you can print it bigger, or add some modifications.
attosa2 months ago
Very cute and well laid out! :)
Matlek (author)  attosa2 months ago
Thank you :)
Arbormakes4 months ago
Great! The best magic wallet tutorial there is!
Matlek (author)  Arbormakes4 months ago
Thank you very much!
Arbormakes Matlek4 months ago
Arbormakes4 months ago
Really impressive!
m_shannon5 months ago
Love what you've done here - this is a really neat take on the classic magic wallet :)
(Also, thanks for including my 'Ible in there!)
Matlek (author)  m_shannon5 months ago
Thanks a lot!
I remember getting one of those "classic" ribbon magic wallets. It's simple and really fun to show off!
The video of you showing off your creation is very effective in catching attention. Good job!
Matlek (author)  AccidentalRebel5 months ago
Thank you!