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Picture of DIY Knotted Rope Table Lamp!

Hello! I have recently started reading a book (I usually don't read much) about the universe and its quite interesting. Sometimes I even read at night. While sleeping, I share the same room with my brother and he feels difficulty in sleeping with lights on. So I wanted to buy a desk lamp to do the reading during night time. While searching online for a desk lamp, I found a very interesting twisted rope desk lamp, but the price was extremely high. Rs. 7700 (109 USD) just for a small lamp! So in this instructable, I am going to build the same lamp at home and trust me, you will be amazed on how good it looks. Lets get making!

Materials required:

1. Jute rope (Lots of it)

2. Aluminium wire

3. A pendent bulb holder

4. Yellow/orange night bilb

5. OHP sheet (or any transparent sheet)

6. Sand paper

7. other stuff like glue, scissors, cutter...

Step 1: Wiring First!

Picture of Wiring First!

First get a wire that has a mains plug. Make sure there are no cuts. If the other end has some connector, cut it off and expose the two bare wires inside. Remove the enamel from those wires and get ready for some hard work!