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Picture of Rechargeable 3 Watts Flashlight

The flashlight built in this Instructable is fully 3d printed and runs on a 18650 rechargeable battery. It is a little challenging to build if you are interested in enhancing your maker skills. It requires a small amount of supplies, and I decided to share a version without a LED driver since 3 x 1watt LEDs are inexpensive and flashlights might not be used as often as household lights, therefore a reduced lifetime might not be as dramatic.

Step 1: 3D Print the Required Files

Picture of 3D Print the Required Files

Links to the files will bring you to Thingyverse, where you can download the 4 required files to print the flashlight.

AT4122 days ago
A good way to make flashlight
Nice job making this :)
Cyan Sensors (author)  Penolopy Bulnick24 days ago
Thanks a lot! I will try making another project soon!