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I love the ocean. I can sit on the beach all day just watching the waves do their wavey thing. Sadly, I happen to live in the middle of the Canadian prairies. No ocean to watch here. But there's always the world of make-believe, and what better way to get in the ocean vibe than with an amazing deep sea diver costume. I created this costume pattern to try and recreate the feel of the classic "Mark V" dive helmet which has become an iconic image of divers and the sea. It was used by the U.S. Navy from 1916 until 1984! Let's make one of our own.

Here are the tools and materials I used:

  • Pattern: I used the one that I created. You can find it on my website. It includes an adult and a child size.
  • 5-8 mm thick EVA foam: I used the foam from an anti-fatigue floor mat, but you can also use the less dense foam from a camping mat.
  • 2 mm EVA craft foam: One sheet is enough
  • Vinyl tubing: 3/8" outside diameter
  • Wingnut: 1
  • Super Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun: I love my glue gun because it is adjustable temperature. I like to use it at as low a temp as possible so that the glue cools quickly.
  • 6 & 8 mm leather punch
  • Cutting Surface
  • Gluing Surface: I absolutely love using a silicone baking sheet. Nothing sticks to it.
  • Sharp Knife: If it is not really sharp you will have a terrible time when you are cutting the foam. I like to use a scalpel.
  • Blowdryer: Used for heating the foam so it can be shaped.
  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Scissors
  • Paint: I used Liquitex Basics "Mars Black", Liquitex Basics "Bronze" and DecoArt Americana Decor Metallics “Vintage Brass
  • Rubber Gloves

Please note, the above links are affiliate links, and I do get a small commission if you buy through these links. It doesn't cost you any more and it helps me out!

Step 1: Safety First!

Picture of Safety First!

It's fun to get started, but you want to stay safe so that you can enjoy your amazing creation!

  • Wearing the dive helmet severely limits your vision. Be very aware of the activities you are taking part in so that you do not get into a dangerous situation. Children should always be supervised by an adult to ensure their safety.
  • Some EVA foam contains a chemical called formamide. There are some people that say there isn't enough formamide in EVA mats to be harmful, and others that say there is. Do your research and come to your own conclusions. At the least, I would say it is a good idea to open your foam mat up and let it sit in the sun for a day or two, as most of the chemical will off-gas from the foam. Or buy foam that is labelled formamide free.
  • Do not wear your helmet until all fumes from glue and foam are gone. The helmet is a fairly enclosed environment and you only have one set of lungs.
  • Do not block off the viewports with glass or plastic. These are open to allow proper airflow for breathing. Closing them could cause suffocation.
  • Sharp knives and hot glue can cause injury. Be sure to use in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
HaremCinema4 months ago
Looks good, I really like it.
GastonG95 months ago
Comment me procurer les plans ..............Gaston.
GastonG9 GastonG95 months ago
Comment me procurer les plans..........................
LostWax (author)  GastonG95 months ago
You can find them here:
EcoExpatMike5 months ago
Awesome, Now you need the REST of the Aqua Knight costume.
AnswerBot695 months ago
Congrats on winning human.
batfastard6 months ago
Congrats on winning. Well deserved.
LostWax (author)  batfastard6 months ago
Thank you!
1234567guy6 months ago
How did you know what to bend on the foam?
LostWax (author)  1234567guy6 months ago
Basically, you want to make the pieces more dome-like, so concentrate on stretching the centre of each piece.
JulianD20 made it!6 months ago
HI, I made it 3 years ago, I do not have a completely finished picture but it was really exciting project to do.
Very nice work here, if I had more time I would buy the full templates collection.
Keep up the great work
I love this so much I voted for you even though I have entered the same competition! Pure genius and such precision!!! I am in awe!
Pegasaurus6 months ago
Words cannot describe how much I love this instructable!!!!! My, by far, all time favourite. I can't wait to make this myself.
attosa6 months ago
just wow :o
micolett6 months ago
This is absolutely fantastic!
JamieR46 months ago
This has got to be one of the best instrutables I’ve seen since I’ve been on the site. Amazing project I’m going to put on my list to build. Hope you win the contest. Brilliant and thanks for sharing
LostWax (author)  JamieR46 months ago
Awww, what a nice comment:) Thanks!
onetruegod6 months ago
Awesome. Just Awesome!
smartrem6 months ago
Bloody brilliant!!
AussieAlf6 months ago
Looks the real deal Lostwax, fantastic job.
All the best in the competition.
Incredible! Your videos are very fun to watch too!
caitlinsdad6 months ago
Nice work! I am impressed with the painting to give it a seaworn oxidized finish. I can also attest that hot glue is hazardous but probably worth the risk over using more toxic contact cement.
Wonderful job! Regarding the hazards of using hot glue, I always keep a small flat bottomed container with water, ice and a small cloth in it nearby so I can quickly cool down hot glue burns, helping to avoid painful burns and blisters.
LostWax (author)  ckoehler19046 months ago
That's one reason I love my glue gun with variable temp! I can turn it quite low so it doesn't burn me, with the other benefit being that I don't have to hold pieces together for as long while I wait for the glue to cool. Great idea keeping some icewater nearby:)
Eh Lie Us!6 months ago
Good night, Irene! Fantastic work. thanks for sharing.
batfastard made it!6 months ago
I used Chris pattern to make and customise the helmet for london zombie day
Garrel Riggs6 months ago
Otstanding job!
LostWax (author)  Garrel Riggs6 months ago
kbyrne6 months ago
What program did you use to draw the template? Nice job also.
LostWax (author)  kbyrne6 months ago
I used Affinity Designer.
kayakdiver6 months ago
WELL DONE! And love the humor too! I VOTED right away!
LostWax (author)  kayakdiver6 months ago
Awesome, thanks!
hugheswho6 months ago
Thanks for a brilliant instructable and fun video. Voted! Some great tips in the video about assembling overlapping drawings and glueing EVA with glue gun. Regarding your pattern making, which software do you use?
LostWax (author)  hugheswho6 months ago
HI there! Thanks for the kind comment:) I currently use Affinity Designer for my pattern making. It's not perfect, but it does what I need it to (usually)
hugheswho LostWax6 months ago
Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if you used an unwrapping software like blender or pepakura, but it seems not.
LostWax (author)  hugheswho6 months ago
I played around a bit with Pepakura, but it always seemed to make things more complicated than I wanted them to be, so I just draft my patterns the old fashioned way. Lots of trial and error