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I love to make different diorama . This time i tried to make red rock diorama , I m very inspired to look red rock which are beautiful & unique. You have to visit there ,you also get unforgettable memories.

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Step 1: Rock making

Picture of Rock making

This time i tried to make Red rock diorama.I took 12 inches x 7 inches glass piece. Mark the sketch on it .Take foam pieces and stick it on glass with rubber adhesive.

Dumbphone2 months ago
What a fantastic diorama! This looks so realistic.
Colors Arena6 months ago
WOW, It looks so real and beautiful.
aaishtv (author)  Colors Arena4 months ago
Thanks for appreciation
I know the red rock area of Utah well. Your diorama looks so real that when I first saw it I thought it was on Rte 12 between Rte 89 and Bryce Canyon!
aaishtv (author)  JohnO1316 months ago
Thanks for appreciation & like my diorama
aaishtv (author)  Colors Arena6 months ago
Thanks for like my diorama.
MukhtarA166 months ago
Very nice
aaishtv (author)  MukhtarA166 months ago
Thanks for appreciation...