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Picture of Restoration of a 1957 Hupp - Perfection  2 Burner Kerosene Stove

I had looked high and low for a small 2-burner Kerosene stove with the 1931 "High Power" burners. Back in the day most families tended to purchase larger 3 - 5 burner stoves, so the 2-burners are rare.

I finally acquired a rare 2 burner stove off of the national Craig's List. I got the seller to ship it to me and when it arrived, I discovered it was a 1957 Hupp Era 2-burner "Economy" stove in desperate need of restoration.

Perfection Industries, Inc. merged with Hupp Corporation in September, 1955. This lead to a cheapening of Perfection's products. But because the stove was painted and not porcelain, the restoration would be simpler.

Step 1: Here Is How I Received It.

Picture of Here Is How I Received It.

I bet the seller was glad he got rid of it!

Obviously the stove had sat with Kerosene in it until it dried out. Note the glass reservoir adapter plate.(More on this later) Also note the drippy brush painted black on the legs! The burners look like they have a lot of hours on them, judging by the amount of dried Kerosene on them.

edwardmoresco2 months ago
I just bought a new perfection # 35 . I was wondering if you knew the best place to get replacement parts? Any help would be appreciated. Have a blessed day
TechEditor (author)  edwardmoresco2 months ago
Shetlers Wholesale

direct from the factory at Schwartz Mfg. 1261W - 200S, Berne, Ind.
46711. They are an Amish concern, write a letter to Elmer, the
MarkSindone6 months ago
You really have to have a pretty skilled hand to want to handle a stove and other mechanical equipment like this. I would be worried about having to deal with all those moving parts, not to mention one that could be called an antique!
UdyRegan6 months ago
I have yet to get my hands on vintage items to rework on. I think the whole project would require careful attention since it involves flammable items. It might also require at least some expertise in order not to damage the aged items.
TechEditor (author)  UdyRegan6 months ago
Before you start any project, check to see what others have done. For this project, I used the resources of Many members had done parts of this restoration, I just combined the various processes together. Only thing I added was finding the original screws, figuring how to save the Decal on the backsplash and the Rustoleum Porcelain Hard Appliance White enamel.