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Picture of Restore an Old Record Player

When we were cleaning up the attic of our grandmother, I found this old record player. It was in very poor condition, but when I plugged it in, it started to turn. The reason why I wanted to test it is because it had a direct drive motor and apparently this type of drive will last for a long time. Unfortunately, it had been in the attic for about 20 years without shielding and everything was oxidized. Ready for the scrap yard for many people.

But this record player belonged to my grandfather and I wanted to do something with it. So luckily there were a few other record players and I came up with the idea of just rebuilding it. Using the parts of the other players, with the case and engine of the original record player. I also wanted the player to give a more older look and wondered if it would be possible to cover the case with wood veneer. After a few tests this appeared to work. So the big work could start.

Step 1: Take the Record Players Apart.

In the first 5 pictures you can see the bad condition the player was in. When i took it apart, it quickly became clear that the arm could no longer be used. The bearings were completely broken, so I had to take 1 from another player (picture 6). I took pictures of the wiring so i could put it back together (picture 7,8) and took everthing out that i didn't need.

XenoMorphPT3 months ago
RRR (Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose)... this is just an absolutely amazing work. Congrats, the world is a better place with contributions like yours.
aactech4 months ago
Well done. The term usually used is "turntable".
"Record player" was generally used for the very cheap all-in-one units small children used.
pgs070947 aactech3 months ago
Ouch. I liked my record players and I certainly wasn't a small child. So what is the round thing in a record player that goes round and round and you put the vinyl record on? Turntable is the slighty snobby term from the HiFi folk who like lots of expensive boxes instead of the one box.
joeri666 (author)  aactech3 months ago
As you could probably already read, english is not my native language. Thanks for the feedback, i will remember this. :)
pgs0709474 months ago
Technics and Pioneer produced a lot of stuff when "HiFi" and vinyl ruled.
Thanks to the interest in vinyl at the moment, these old decks, or the ones that weren't binned, are also of interest. Direct drive would have been considered quite up-market as most decks were belt drive. It might be nice to add an LED strobe light and drive it with an Arduino or something. I think some of the decks relied on the 50-Hz flicker from fluorescent tubes, but it would be easy now with an Arduino and the mains power frequency to get accurate strobing. The downside of vinyl has always been the pops and interference caused by dust or surface damage.
joeri666 (author)  pgs0709473 months ago
Will not be a project for me unfortunately, my arduino knowledge is very limited.
RichardH2554 months ago
That is an excellent project and was well executed. I have several Turntables that are in various states of being refurbished/repaired, as well as 2 that are my decks that I play all the time.
You can pretty much re imagine one of these in all kinds of ways. The basics are the platter and spindle, motor and controls, and last but not least the Tonearm and Cartridge. The biggest thing is getting the placement of the tonearm right.
I constantly pick up more older units which I repair, and if they are hopeless, then I make clocks out of them.
I hope you will do more of this kind of project. They can actually become quite the works of art.
joeri666 (author)  RichardH2553 months ago
thanks :)
Memphis Phil4 months ago
Excellent restoration of a worthy relic from the technological past! Listened to hours of classic vinyl when Technics was THE standard. I'm amazed you were able to obtain a functional cartridge and needle.
joeri666 (author)  Memphis Phil3 months ago
Luckily I had a few that I could choose from. In the end I chose one that I could change the easiest.
RobC1844 months ago
That looks beautiful. Well done.
joeri666 (author)  RobC1843 months ago
thanks :)
papa-g4 months ago
That is an awesome restore/modification. Beautiful look to the whole turntable, and even if it's not audiophile grade, it is worth it just for them looks. Bravo!
joeri666 (author)  papa-g4 months ago
thanks :)