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Picture of Retropie Tactical Field Unit

Have you ever been camping, and really wanted to play Galaga? Get ready for some good news. Behold the Retropie Tactical Field Unit!

This is a portable Raspberry Pi laptop/Retropie setup, enclosed in a waterproof case, similar to a Pelican case. The screen is mounted on the inside of the lid, and the other components are stored in foam pockets in the main part of the case.

Step 1: Gather Ye Materials

Picture of Gather Ye Materials

To build this project the same way I did, you will need the following items. I'm including links but obviously substitute as you see fit!

Thorondor959 months ago
I was wondering what that moron was doing in that Hoth trench...
themanwoaname10 months ago
how much trouble would it be to make this run off solar?
BenM19 (author)  themanwoaname10 months ago
Cool idea! I think the best bet would be to use the battery, and get a portable solar charger that can output 12V DC.