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Picture of Ribbon Chain Necklace

I wanted to try to make a fun rainbow necklace and after rejecting a few designs, I decided to try weaving ribbons through chains (kind of inspired by my crochet ribbon choker). Though it takes some time and a lot of chains to make, I think the end result is a fun rainbow necklace that isn't too childish. This technique can be adapted for a necklace of any length and color combination.

Be aware, if you make the necklace the same way I did, it is heavy. Those chains are heavy in the first place because of how big they are and add 7 together and it gets weighty. Also, the chains can get hot in the sun while you are wearing it. Found that out recently :)

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

Like I said, this will vary with the type of necklace you want.

Supplies and Tools:

  • 1/8" Ribbon in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink
  • Chain- AT LEAST 113" which is 7 chains at 16" each
    • In order to work with my design and ribbon size, my chain had to be big enough to weave the ribbon flat. The roll says 5.2mm (when I measure it they appear to be about 5.2mm wide and 4.5ishmm tall, so they are ovals).
    • Also, you want the chain to lay flat which means it can't be made up of perfect circles. They have to be bent around each other. I believe this is called a Cuban Style Chain or Cuban Link Chain or Curb Link.
  • Glue - I was originally going to use E6000 which I know would work, but wanted to not fiddle with it so I ended up using hot glue, either will work, one will just take longer to dry.
  • Scissors
  • 16 5.5mm Jump Rings - I've been making my own a lot more lately
  • Clasp
  • End Bars (optional) - you need something to gather all the chains together. I was originally going to use just a large jump ring but I saw these end bars at the store and thought, why not.
  • Jewelry Pliers - I find it easier if you have two but one will suffice
  • Painters Tape - this just helped with odds and ends but wasn't 100% necessary depending on how easy you want this to be.

NateBorwick133 months ago
It looks great! You have my vote!
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  NateBorwick133 months ago
Thank you :)
Errol19513 months ago
Great looking necklaces why don't you get a large needle to put the ribbon through the links I think it would make the process easier just thread the ribbon through the eye of the needle and away you go
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  Errol19513 months ago
Thank you :) I started by using a yarn needle (I mention it really briefly in step 3) but the ribbon was constantly twisting that it was more work to use the yarn needle than not since I had to keep stopping and straightening out the ribbon.

If you are really good at using the needle without twisting the ribbon or don't care if the ribbon twists, then I definitely suggest using a yarn ribbon, it will certainly save you loads of time :)
m.mcclosky3 months ago
This is so super fun and colorful and I love it! Totally making it.
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  m.mcclosky3 months ago
Thank you! If you end up making it, don't forget to share a picture!
hlagas3 months ago
This necklace is the bomb diggidy! We're each going to make one. Off to the craft store!
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  hlagas3 months ago
Thanks! That is awesome to hear :)
JustineM323 months ago
This is beautiful! Nice work! :-D
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  JustineM323 months ago
Thank you!
AmyandTanner3 months ago
Pretty! This looks like a craft to do with my daughter!
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  AmyandTanner3 months ago
Thanks! I hope you guys get a chance to try it out :)
This is so pretty! Thank you for posting it.
Thank you :)