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Picture of Riveting Cereal Box Top Hat

Can you imagine having a wardrobe of personalised top hats? Want to try something different but not spend money on an actual hat? Here I will show you how to make a top hat out of a cereal box (and other bits and pieces) and how to decorate it all steampunk like!

This hat is shaped to fit your head rather than an uncomfortable standard circle so you will be able to wear with comfort :)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools


light cardboard (cereal box is good)

heavy cardboard

heavy paper/card

plain newsprint





Small beanie/hat/toque


Glue gun




iibreanna111 made it!5 months ago
nO yoU sEe its Horrible I really don't recommend looking-
For a slightly greater budget, and considerably better durability, would actual rivets be a good idea?
Amazing hat!
This looks great! I also like that you put a normal hat in the inside, comfort is important :)
RCEM (author)  Penolopy Bulnick7 months ago
It is! after I added the lining the hat wearer wouldn't take it off!
Whitney Fabre7 months ago
This looks fabulous! I am so impressed that anyone can make a hat like this with items at home. Great job!
RCEM (author)  Whitney Fabre7 months ago
Gadisha7 months ago
It turned out nice, nice technique for costume party stuff.
KreativeCube7 months ago
Very creative, I like how you created the rivets !
RCEM (author)  KreativeCube7 months ago
Thanks! You could probably work a bit harder at them and make screws - use a knife before it hardens :)