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Spring is slooowly starting to show its signs which means it is the perfect time to start preparing for the cycling season?! This ´ible will show you how to craft a roll-top pannier using only duct tape!

I am not going to tell a long story about how wonderful an invention duct tape is. If you have ever crafted or repaired anything you probably know it yourself. As Tape contest was taking place once again I finally decided to try out a project idea I had had for a long time. It was a waterproof pouch from duct tape.

The idea was inspired by the fact that here where I live it is quite hard to find completely waterproof and durable fabrics. As I still wanted to craft a pouch for hiking I came up with a solution - duct tape! Later on, I decided to make incorporate the pouch idea with a great passion of mine - cycling!

Check out the YouTube video I made to get a good overview of the build process. In the final step of 'ible you can find more photos of the finished pannier. If you have any questions or suggestions I encourage you to leave them down below for me to answer :)

If you appreciate my work and would like to see some more I invite you to subscribe on YouTube and follow me on Instagram! And if you find this ´ible worthy be sure to give it a vote in a contest ("vote now button" at the end of this page)! And go check out other cool tape related projects in the Tape contest!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials

This project is really easy to build and requires a minimal amount of tools!

You will need:

  • Cordless drill with drill bit
  • Hot air gun (optional but highly recommended)
  • Scissors
  • Bolt tightening tools (screwdriver, wrench)
  • Saw to cut hard backing material (jig saw, coping saw, band saw, etc.)
  • Hacksaw and one zip tie (when you plan on adding the bungee cord)


I found all these materials at my local hardware store. I spent a total of 30 euros on this project. It was probably a bit more than needed as I purchased one roll of tape too much and the bungee cord also came in a pack of two. Also, I think that these materials could be much cheaper when buying from online retailers. All in all, I would say that one pannier could be made with 20 euros or less.

J.J.P4 months ago
Excellent. You have great intuition. How long did the project take?
CraftAndu (author)  J.J.P4 months ago
Thanks! It took something like half a day.
sawdustagain4 months ago
Your design is terrific and you are quite a duct tape craftsman! Others who want to use your design may consider using Hypalon, available at stores selling outdoor fabrics. It would be simpler to glue three panels of Hypalon together with Hypalon adhesive. The results would produce a very durable (and repairable) pannier.
CraftAndu (author)  sawdustagain4 months ago
This is a wonderful idea. It looks like something that would make the ultimate bicycle panniers! Tank you!
PatrickGSR944 months ago
This is awesome! I've been using a trunk bag with built-in fold-out panniers for 6 years commuting as of this month, but I've been considering going with true panniers because of their size. I just can't stomach the high price of most of the quality-made stuff out there. This looks like a perfect DIY project!
CraftAndu (author)  PatrickGSR944 months ago
I am glad you liked my idea! Yeah, the price was the motivator for me also. I am planning on doing a longer bike tour to test the durability of this pannier. For it to be a complete set I have to make another one though ;)
CalvinR14 months ago
I'll look at the instructable. The video didn't help at all.
CraftAndu (author)  CalvinR14 months ago
Sorry! The video was meant to be more of an overview :/